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Hi Myste,

Glad Boo is home for good now, hopefully she'll settle soon enough. (And hope you're wound is alright too!). How was Tiger at the vet with his rash? Just curious. . .

Post more pics of the three amigos (soon to be!)!
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Marcy, I'm glad to hear that Boo's spay went well. I'm sure she will be a much happier kitty with that problem taken care of, especially since it wasn't right in the first place.
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Hey Myste,

I'm of course glad that Boo is home safe and sound. I'm curious, after my experience with Ketamine, what did you vet say about this drug? And what alternative drug did they give Boo?

If Nakita every needs an operation, I'm now looking for alternatives.

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I didn't get a chance to talk to the vet himself about the ketamine. I asked for isoflorane only. it's a gas type, I think. I just checked on her a bit ago, she let me pet her for about a minute then hissed(I had a protective glove on this time). She also took a step toward me and hissed, like she was going to attack!

Jorin's rash was fine, Vet said it could possibly be a food allergy, he thinks it's probably just a scrape. He gave me some antibiotic drops to put on it 2x/day
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Boo stopped hissing at me yesterday afternoon,and came out for a cuddle. I spent about 3 hrs sitting on the floor reading in the bedroom, with a purring bundle of fluff on my lap! She did go run and hide when Mike came in though. So I went back out of the bedroom for dinner, had some friends over to game, etc. Went back in at midnight, sat on the floor, and she comes running up to me! Mike comes over, she takes one sniff at his hand, and head-buts him for pets! She even jumped up on the bed last night, allowing me to pick her up since she couldn't quite jump it because of her stitches (or so I thought), and settled down on top of me. Not sure when she got down, I was sound asleep. I woke up at 5am this morning when a 2 lb cat leapt straight onto my tummy. She's turned into such a love! She's eating, and drinking fine now too. She wouldn't eat the food until I held it in my hand for her!

Question- she's all of about 2 lbs. She's extremely emaciated, IE her sides nearly touch each other, you can clearly see her backbone. She's about as thick as my wrist! How can I fatten her up quickly? I've got her on kitten food, free feeding. SHe also is getting canned food, as much as she wants in the evening.
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I'm glad Boo's spay went well! I think I missed something, why is she so thin?
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That Boo is a sweetie. Don't worry about fattening her up. You may be amazed at how quickly she will put on weight now that she is spayed. My pussycat went from underweight to overweight within 2 weeks of spaying. A vet once told me they need less calories after spaying and this is the cause of weight gain.

My two have been on a diet at the Vet's recommendation and they look much better now.
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