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Introducing Boo!

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Well, I took the kittens out to meet their future sister Boo a couple weeks ago. Things didn't go so well, Boo didn't seem to like them at all. We're going to keep trying, but I didn't want to bring her home quite yet. We decided to get her fixed before she comes to stay. She's going to come here for a visit on Thanksgiving, and then she gets to come over for the night the following week, as we're getting her spayed on the 5th. When she comes home that Friday, she'll be here to stay! I can't wait, I hope she takes to the kittens well and can integrate with them. She's a pretty nervous cat.

Went out to my parents house today and finally remembered my camera. Got a ton of pics! She's a 4 year old female, currently unspayed, but we're working on it! Here she is! (hope this works!)

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Awwwww she's beautiful
Love those markings!
Thanks for sharing such great piccies
Don't worry. They will get used to each other.
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She's very pretty, and what interesting markings she has!
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Once she has been spayed, do the introductions gradually and all will be fine. Keep Boo in a seperate room for about a week- this will give her ample time to recover from the spay and get used to her new home. Feed them with the kittens on one end of the door, and her on the other- they will play under the door and probably spit and hiss at each other, but if you take it slow all should be well.

What a striking kitty Boo is- thank you for taking an older cat into your heart!
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Boo is a cutie pie, but I am just foolish for a red tabby. The one on the bottom looks like my precious Leo, recently gone to the bridge.
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Boo is bootiful!!! (sorry, couldn't resist it).

What a pretty face, and interesting shaped colours on her nose. I'm sure she'll settle in just fine once those very strong un-spayed cat scents have diminished.
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What a lovely cat, and her eyes are beautiful You must be very proud of her.
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Aw what a beauty!!!
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I see you Bod, trying up your spam count and I'm catching you up, mwaha!
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What a pretty little girl! She looks like a moo-cow with those markings. LOL I just love black and white kitties, and Boo is really a beauty.
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Awww.. she looks like a real sweetie.
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She is just beautiful!!!
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Awwww...sooooo cute! :tounge2:
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I love the first picture, standing to attention for the photo
post #16 of 37 is a lovely cat!!
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Boo is so cute! I like her name, too!
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She was named that because she plays peek-a-boo under my skirt all the time
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Boo came home with me today!!! She's here for good! (well, tomorrow she gets spayed, but she comes straight back here!!!) She has the run of the bedroom and our bathroom for now. She's currently hiding under my bed
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Awww Myste, she is adorable! I'm glad she's home with you. After her spay I'm sure she'll settle in nicely. What a pretty girl she is. . .
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That's wonderful! I hope you and Boo have many happy years together!
Please let us know how she is doing after her surgery tomorrow.
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What a beautiful cat, bless your heart for taking in an older girl. I hope everything goes well for all of your family members. The less stress she has while recovering the better. I can't believe she's four and not spayed! Holy cow!

Will it take longer for her to adjust to the change than a younger cat?
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Oh what a cutie!!! Hope the op goes well tomorrow - let us know! And don't worry, she'll adventure out from under your bed in no time..
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She's such a pretty girl! I'm sure she will adjust and come out of hiding soon. How have Tiger and Jorin reacted to her arrival?

Please let us know how her spay goes. I'm sure everything will be fine and she will bounce back in no time.
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Tiger and Jorin don't seem to be too upset by her arrival. They're pretty laid back babies. The few times they've met her previously, they don't do anything, but she starts hissing at them. Tiger runs and hides, and Jorin hisses back.

She was fine this morning, still nervous, but willing to come out when I called. She also didn't turn on me this morning, so I think she's getting a bit more settled. But then, I had to disrupt her again to take her to the vet...Poor thing. She did NOT want to get back in her crate, she was hissing as I put her in, but she calmed down once she was inside. I gave her the T shirt I wore yesterday, which has my scent and that of my 2 kitties on it. It'll either comfort her or it'll be shredded, I don't know which.

The vet I took her to was very nice, answered all of my questions, said I could come see her this afternoon. She also agreed to NOT give her ketamine for anestetic, and is going to give her FeLV,rabies, and distemper shots.
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Moo cow kitties! Cooter Booter!
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What a cutie pie! I'm sending heal-quickly thoughts and prayers. I'm so sorry little Nakita had to go through her troubles - but we all sure learned something from it, and hopefully Boo will be up and about real soon!

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I got a chance to see her this afternoon! She's doing great, she recognized me, wasn't too out of it either. She meowed at me a couple times and purred when I petted her. I feel so much better now! I also got to talk to the vet. Apparently her uterus was really thick and deformed. He thinks it may have been cysts. So that's probably why she was in heat almost constantly! I'll bet she's going to feel a LOT better now that we've taken care of that! I can't wait, I pick her up at 8:30am tomorrow (and get to take Jorin in to get his tummy looked at... should be fun with all 3 of them in the car. Tiger and Jorin in one crate, Boo in the other.)
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Well, she's home from the vet. I turned her loose in the bedroom, she went straight under the bed. She did come out a couple times to snuggle with me. We snuggled and everything was fine until someone came over. I guess the sound of the outside door or something spooked her. I escaped with a fairly nasty bite, luckily the vet trimmed her claws! I've already got enough battle wounds from her "psycho kitty" persona on Wednesday.
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Aw... I'm glad she's home, safe and sound. It's not fun getting your kitties used to clipping their claws yourself - I LOVE when we have to go to the Vet and we get to ask them to do it!

Please give her a couple of scritches from me (when she's in the mood for them!). Enjoy your snuggles!

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