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Grateful to TCS

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Hi to everybody at TCS!

Money (when we had it), doctors - none of these provide to individuals like myself emotionally. The good thoughts, good wishes, good vibes and prayers from everyone at TCS mean more to me than i can ever express. i know i'm not an active member, but Laurie (LDG) has posted on my behalf, and there aren't words to express my gratitude to my dear wife's TCS friends.

Through Laurie, i've come to know many of you and think of you as our friends and family as she does. She shares her TCS experiences with me and keeps me up on what she's posting and what's happening in the lives of those she knows well here. My good vibes, thoughts and wishes go out with hers when she posts and i hope that's understood.

i'm not an active member here for various reasons. i'm more of the active cat rescue guy. i handle the trapping, vet trips for trapped cats, working on getting cats/kittens adopted out, where Laurie focuses more on helping through the internet, through TCS, our two websites, and for local rescue people. Since we became involved with cats Laurie works from home a lot more and i handle most of the trips to NYC. Part of this is so she can spend the time on the internet with her cat-related work. i know how important TCS and all of you are to her.

She wasn't active for about a year when my health really took a turn for the worse and things were really tough at work. i know how much she missed the site and all of her friends here, and i hope we wont have to repeat that again ever.

But i know that so many of you have sent good thoughts, good wishes, positive vibes and prayers my way for so many things. My licensing exams, my health, and most recently our house hunt and the move. i just don't know how to thank you.

All my best,

Peace, Love, and Happiness to all,


P.S. if any of you every decides to move, my advice is rethink it 11 times before you decide to do it! and if you do decide to move, PLEASE be more organized about it than we were! The only positive thing about moving (besides loving the new home despite its problems and the cats being so happy here) is discovering all the cool things we'd never unpacked when we moved into the first house! And if you move into a large house, a word of advice. Our living room/dining room is now 21 feet wide by about 50 feet long. Make sure you have enough furniture to break up the incredible speeds they can get going - otherwise pill-time and nail-clipping time will eventually give one of us a heart attack because those cats can move!
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Nice to see you here, Gary. We have all sure been pulling for you and Laurie through all those ups and downs. Sounds like great times ahead for you both, and we are glad to share those with you as well!
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Nice to meet you Gary - we've heard a lot about you through Laurie. Your upcoming job sounds really exciting.

Hey - I moved last year into one of those houses with a huge living room, adjacent to a huge sun porch. With the door open between the 2, mine have about 75 feet worth of run way to tear across.
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Nice to see you on here Gary Have heard a lot about you, you all have some exciting things going on right now...Best of luck with everything
And thanks for the moving tips I can tell you are speaking from experience
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Hey, Gary! Hi! Thanks for dropping in. It's great to see you. You have some exciting times ahead, with your new ventures, and we'll all be pulling for you.
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Hi Gary. We're really happy for you and Laurie that things are coming together for you. You are both very selfless and wonderful people and I'm proud to know you. Thanks for taking the time to say hello to us.
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Hi Gary - glad to hear from you. I detest moving. The last time we moved, it was on condition that I would help packing but not deal with the actual move. In fact, my DH sent me off shopping and I went to the new house at the end of the day.

You and Laurie really sound like you compliment each other very well. Good luck in all of the new endeavors.

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It is nice to see you here Gary

I am glad things are finally starting to look good for you guys
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Isn't TCS the best community on the web?
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Nice to "meet" you Gary!

So, how'd you draw the short straw to end up doing all the dirty work? Just kidding!!
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i don't post here much and i'm afraid i don't think i know your wife
but i had to post to tell you what a sweet thread this is.
it was very moving.

good luck with everything and your move !!!

i see you mentioned NYC.... i'm on long island. did you guys move anywhere
near long island ?
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Hi, Gary! It's wonderful to hear from you directly... your wife is a lovely person, and I always enjoy her posts. I'm glad things are on the upswing for you both!
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Hey Gary, nice to see you on here again!

Lots of love to you and Laurie!
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
It is nice to see you here Gary

I am glad things are finally starting to look good for you guys
Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Isn't TCS the best community on the web?
Glad things are going well for you and wish you both the best of luck in all your future endeavours.
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Hi Gary! We all feel we know you through Laurie, and we have all laughed and cried with you through good times and bad. I am so happy things are working out with the new house, and I know just what it means to move! When I moved here last July, into a house that needed (and still does!) tons of renovation, I had belongings in three countries that had to be organised and brought here. It is still not totally complete. But I have had what seems like several Christmases, unpacking things I have not seen for years and had forgotten I owned. It is great fun. And having tiled floors and a huge living room does mean that chase time can be fun and noisy! But I wouldn't have it any other way.
Enjoy your new house!
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Hi Gary! I can understand you not being around much since Rob is the same way. He's not an internet 'forum' type guy but knows how much the support I have received from TCS has helped us over the last while.

So glad things are looking up for the both of you. I've always told Laurie that everything happens for a reason, but we may not understand why they are happening at the time. You just have to hang on and enjoy the ride of life.

Laurie and I have exchanged enough long emails that I'm sure you've heard my name mentioned a few times.

Best wishes to the both of you for a wonderful year ahead!

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Hi Gary - I feel like I know you from Laurie (BTW - your wife ROCKS).

Thanks for being such a loving fur daddy to those little kitties.
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Hi Gary! I've heard a lot about you and it's nice to meet you!
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i know all of you! at least i feel like i do. Even PrettyBoy - Laurie told me you helped keith p trap, spay and neuter a number of cats in long island, and that the two of you through TCS found someone to adopt one of "keith's" cats.

jenny, i have a feeling its going to be xmas around here for many months. im sure LDG told you how much crap we have!

ady - laurie told me all about your becoming a mom, and im so glad for you! she also said your dh may be having heart trouble. i really hope all is well with him and its just stress. i can relate to that and hope thats all it is.

and i dont have the time to address each of you individualy but i know laurie has total respect and admiration for all of you.

thank you for such a warm reception and mostly i just really felt everyone had proveded so much support and good wishes to me and to us that i ought to thank you personally instead of through LDG. besides i was telling her what to write and she finally got fed up and said youre a member, get on and do it yourself!

i'm also sorry i don't write as well as she does. i have a lot of knowlege but very little of it is thru school. you can see why writing, or cleaning up what i write, is such an important part of her job in our partnership!

thank you all again, and all my best,

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one more quick thing. ady, i didn't pick the kitties, they picked us. but now that their here, what else is there to do? :biggrin:

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Gary can joke all he wants, but he loves this kitties and they know it and love him to bits!

And Gary doesn't have the best writing skills in the world, but that's part of why we do compliment each other so well in our work.

And I too just wanted to thank everyone for all the support you've given us over the past few years - and especially the past few months.

to all,

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