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This is my 1000 post. I didn't realize that I was anywhere near that until a couple of days ago.
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Congratulations! I'm on my way but I don't post much so It could still be a while.
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I don't keep up with mine, I won't know what I have till this is posted in fact.. but the last time I actually looked I was 900 something..
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Either you're proud of your accomplishment or ashamed of all the time you spend here.
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I can't even remember when I got to 1,000 posts.. it's been a while
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Congratulations! Oooh my turn soon!
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Congrats.... when will I get there?
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Congratulations! Here's to the next 1000!
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wooo 1000 seems like a long way away yet.
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Originally Posted by arie85 View Post
Congrats.... when will I get there?

in exactly 838 posts!!
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Isn't it so exciting to get to ur 1000th post! I was so excited
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Congrats! the first 1000 is the difficult one!
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its scary when it comes round, now you just have to admit your a TCS addict
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YAY!!! It is amazing to see that 1000 mark huh??

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