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Why do men take so long in the bathroom?!?!
And especially when you need to pee so badly! Both hubby and father are like that!

Can anyone solve that mystery for me?
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I have no idea!
Thank goodness Lee doesn't
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I HOPE they're reading!
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All the men I know think women take too long in the bathroom.
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Bill doesn't take all that long, unless he's shaving and trimming his mustache. He stays in the shower longer but, that's because he gets dirtier than I do.

We have only one bathroom so, while he's shaving and trimming, I do my makeup in the computer/sewing room.
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My Dad takes FOREVER in the bathroom!! And living with four women you'd think it'd be difficult, but noooooo, he takes about 20 mins just to brush his teeth!! And he took longer in the shower than all four of us put together!! :laughing2
Thankfully I don't live there anymore!! (I actually loved living at home, but Dad in the bathroom was thing that DID drive me crazy!! haha)
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My Dad used to take FOREVER too. Thankfully, Ken is not too bad - and also, unlike with one's Dad, it's OK to jump in and share use of the bathroom with your husband (certain things excepting of course)!

If the worse comes to the worse though, we do have a second bathroom - that's if there's no lodgers in though!
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Oi, I only spend a small amount of time on the bathroom, lol. Although I have been known to read a for about an hour after I've done.........damn I have to get rid of those PC mags on the bathroom table.

I will defend the males on this. Women spend more time in the bathroom, so neh :tounge2:
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I have to disagree with you, BuNN. At least in my house. I can shower, brush teeth, apply makeup and be ready to go in about 1/2 hour. Hubby, on the other hand, takes 1/2 hour just to shower, then more time for everything else. Good thing we have different schedules.
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My father takes and I am not kidding about an hr. to get ready in the bathroom - My mother is the one that is done in less than 1/2 hr. My ex also took forever - he had to get every hair on his head - well, I mean what ever was left :0)))) just right and sprayed. Frustrating, very frustrating and they (men) have the nerve to complain about us!
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My dad died when I was 8, but if I remember correctly, he used to sit on the pot and read. He could be in there all night. I guess it's just a quiet place with a door lock so they can have time to themselves.

I've never really known other men to take a long time in the bathroom, but my friend's husband takes the longest showers ever. He even takes longer showers than I do, which is saying alot...
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Well all the men I have ever known take very little time in the bathroom...thank god... :LOL: .... I on the otherhand....well...if you need to pee, you might as well go outside if I'm in there with the door closed...:laughing: I have been told I take forever to get ready to go anywhere!!! After my divorce from my first hubby I was talking to him and he was telling me all about his new "woman" and he said that one of the things he really liked about her was that she could be ready to go somewhere at a moments notice...and he was tired of always waiting for me to "get ready". But the nice thing current hubby responded to that with "well, she is worth the wait" (wasn't that sweet? )
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Originally posted by Debby
After my divorce from my first hubby I was talking to him and he was telling me all about his new "woman" and he said that one of the things he really liked about her was that she could be ready to go somewhere at a moments notice...and he was tired of always waiting for me to "get ready". But the nice thing current hubby responded to that with "well, she is worth the wait" (wasn't that sweet? )
Debby, that is totally adorable! I knew that my significant other was the one when we were going on our first date. He came over and was waiting for me when I was in the washroom getting ready. He asked if I needed a few more minutes and I responded yes. He then offered to do the dishes that were in the kitchen sink!

What a man! We have been together over 7 years and he never is bothered by the amount of time I take to get ready. What can I say, I'm in love.....
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WOW!!!! He did the dishes while he was waiting??? No wonder you are in love! That is so sweet!!!! I think a good man will wait as long as it takes!!! I may complain about hubby sometimes, but one complaint I don't have is that he respects the time it takes me to do my hair and be ready to go somewhere....he knows I have a "hair" thing....very insecure about my hair....and use lots of hairspray...:laughing: But he loves me anyway. :tounge2:
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Bill would go out with me, if I was wearing a gunny sack and combat boots. I, however, am a clotheshorse and wouldn't DREAM of going out, looking less than perfect.

I think that its sweet, that HE'S worried about looking good, for me. Since we've been together, he's bought some very nice clothes (with my input) and a good pair of Tony Lama boots. He, even, bought a sport coat! I'm not pushing for a tie - he looks so good in Western wear. I go nuts, for Wrangler Butts!
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My husband takes 20 minutes in the morning to 'read and relax'

It doesn't bother me at all.....we have 2 bathrooms! I think I more or less consider it a "his and hers" set up. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: I live with 3 boys. I am soooooo lucky. The bathroom is all mine. Except for at bath time. We only have one bath.
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Thankfully my hubby basically gets up ten mins before he needs to leave for work, has a shower in all of about 30 seconds, gets dressed and leaves... sometimes he even has enough time outta the ten mins to make me some breakfast!! :laughing:
So, by the time I need to get ready for work... I have the place to myself ...
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Erm I have a confession to make....

One time when the bathroom was occupied and I really needed to go I decided to piddle in the sink! Damn it was worth the disgust, lol. I put in Dettol disinfectant and boiled it clean afterwards (the sink that is).
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Thank goodness you disinfected the sink! And I used to yell at my boys for going against a tree! LOL Considering the options, how close is the nearest tree?
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Your not kidding! Mine takes an hour in the bathroom and he always makes us late for work. I have never seen such a prissy, candy ass in my entire life!:laughing:I can't get in there to pee! :paranoid3 When I do have to go he gets really pissy about it! I have to yell at him to get out before I tinkle on the floor. He just can't get himself away from the mirror!
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Nearest tree? Mmm about 40ft away in someones garden.
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Well, it should really be your own tree, BuNN. I agree that men look in the mirror a lot, especially if they lift weights. And we can hop on one foot only so long.
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my husband takes forever in the bathroom! (thank goodness he doesn't check this site as he's a bit sensitive about it -- why??)

okay and to make things a little weirder -- my stepsons sit int he bathroom for maybe 10-20 minutes and sing at the top of their lungs. our vent fan turns on with the light and it sounds like a commercial fan, so it's no small thing to hear them singing.

i don't get it. i really don't. they have issues...
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My hubby is sensitive about it too, I will never get why they take so long, but if memory serves me, I watched an episode of "Hidden Hills" on NBC and the man in it said he goes to the bathroom for an hour because it was his 'alone' time, read a magazine without anyone bothering him. We know that my father is heading off to the toilet when he hunts around for his Readers Digest magazines!
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When I was a kid, Daddy always took the Sunday comics in there. Mom was always yelling at him to "hurry up, other people need to use it!"
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