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anything weird about your neighborhood?

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Just a few blocks from my place is a bike path along a canal. I often go there for walks when the weather is nice.

At some point, there's a paved area besides the bike path. In the weekend, it's always used by a group of people practicing some sort of disco rollerskate dancing. (with the disco music and the old-fashioned roller skates, of course) Makes me laugh every time. It's like hitting a time-warp.

so what weird things do you have in your neighborhood?
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Nothing really?. It's quiet where i am.
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The only weird thing here is my neighbors
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ALL my neighbors! I live near downtown Portland so there is always something (someone) interesting to see
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our little neighborhood is made up mostly of people who work for the city. Colin is a cop- so is our neighbor, i work for the shelter, so does my other coworker,my coworker's hubby is an emt, two guys drive a schoolbus, you name it!
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My neighborhood? God, too much to list.

I live down the street from the Biograph Theatre, where John Dellinger was shot. And so they send the gangster tours through here.

We've got a park called "Oz Park" with statues of the Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow (with Dorothy and Tot coming soon).

Umm....there's a little "farm" in the zoo in the park, complete with corn growing and all sorts of (reasonably) free-rang livestock and poultry!

We have a statue of Shakespeare hanging out in the park for no apparent reason. Also, Hans Christian Anderson. Oh, and we've got a HUUUGGE Ulysses S. Grant in the middle of the park, which is called Lincoln Park. I'm assured we also have a big statue of Lincoln, but I have thus been unable to find it. I had no trouble, however, finding the statue of Lincoln in Grant Park downtown!
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I wouldn't exactly call it weird...but I live in rural OK and behind my house is a small trailer park, I don't think I need to elaborate. And to the west there's.. cows, the slightly more quiet and civil neighbors.
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DH and I just realized why our apartment complex was willing to cut down on the rent we have to pay for our lovely accommodations. We live right above the pool.

I pray this is a cold wet summer with no sunny days.
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"My neighborhood" and "weird" don't belong in the same sentence. Nothing interesting ever happens here. There are a couple things that get on my nerves but nothing really weird.
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lol i have no neighborhood ehehe.
i have more deer in my backyard then people. i guess deers are strange.
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Lots of methheads who do all kinds of crazy things.

A guy who walks his dog wearing a gorilla mask and a pink wig.
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I live in 1 of 3 apartment buildings in the same area (complex I guess..). They call them "luxury apartments" but I haven't noticed the real meaning of luxury?

As far as weird..nothing much. There are a few interesting things though..

There are two racoons the size of a medium dog (no kidding) that live outside somewhere that can often be seen at night casually milling around in the parking lot looking for food.

There are two chipmonks that live right outside my apartment under a bush that surrounds a pine tree. Two of everything.. I guess it's Noah's Ark around here

The cops often visit another apartment building..though I've never heard why. By visit I mean lights, taking statements. But I haven't noticed any criminal activity nor do I feel unsafe.. I think perhaps domestic issues?
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Ive got the usual psychotic neighbors...The only odd thing is our neighbor who lives in the back of his apt/store and likes to walk around the block singing songs...But he just has some issues I guess...All in all hes a nice guys just a little weird..
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A guy who lives across the street from us ducttapes his car. Yes, his car. He has been for years and it looks like there's five inches of tape on either side of the car (beside his back windshield). Other than that, it's pretty normal I guess.
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Oh yes. Me. I'm the strange one in my neighborhood. An asian once-metropolitan-dweller sticks out like a sore thumb in a small midwestern farming town who's population is 99% caucasian.

When I used to live in Ann Arbor, there were strange folk around everywhere. There was this one guy who was called the "Michael Jackson Man" because he was always dancing in a small covered alley (MJ dance moves and MJ songs). There was also the "face-less man", who supposedly tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the face with a shotgun but survived, and now he jumps in front of cars and goes around freaking people out. The homeless that inhabit the town are entertaining too, one guy walks around with a sign on his chest that says "Arguments, $5".
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we have a Chinese family at the end and they play football in the street about 1am in the morning

why - who the hell knows
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