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I lost my cat outside!! Please advise.

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Little Miss (one of my FeLV+ cats), got out into the backyard 2 hours ago. I've searched for and called her. She may have gotten out via the section of the fence that has separated from the posts, and is gaping open. the one that I've been bugging H to fix for 3 month now. He's out of town until tomorrow night. She may be under the deck (another thing I've been bugging for 2 years for him to fix, so animals can't get under it). I'm going frantic!!!!! If anything happens to her, I'll be devastated--and I worry about her infecting another neighborhood cat. She's never been outside on our property; how will she know how to come home???? To make things worse, even if I see her, she won't let anyone pick her up. How would anyone trap her? I'm now printing up flyers with her pic and info to put in the neighbors' mailboxes.

I've tried everything I can think of to get her to come back--calling her, calling her for dinner, running the can opener near a window, etc. What else can I do????

Thanks for your help,

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I just went through this with Aristotle - also an indoor only kitty. Go to Cats S.O.S. You'll find tips there.
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I'll move this to SOS where the others can help.

Have you tried sprinkling some of her used litter around?.

I really hope she comes back soon though
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Here's a link someone suggested -
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I'll move this to SOS where the others can help.

Have you tried sprinkling some of her used litter around?.

I really hope she comes back soon though
I'll try this later--of course, now it's raining very --it's been sunny all day. Little Miss has never been outside--I'm so worried about her!!!

Thanks for the ideas.

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The little $$%$% was found 6 hours later, hiding under the deck, too scared to come out in the rain! The first use of our new, hand-crank emergency flashlight--I used the beam to lead her into the house--she followed it, trying to play with it!

Thanks for all of your advice and best wishes! I appreciate them.

And, now Little Miss, we've gonna have a little talk...

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Wonderful!!!! Ari was gone for almost 5 days. Five of the longest days in my life.

Little Miss? Indoors is the best place for you. No more going outside!
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I was just going to post and I saw she's home...your little girl. Our Freddie kitten was FeLV so I have a very soft spot for others who go through the same. I'm SO glad she's home. The first venture out usually doesn't go too far...usually.
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ooo what a relief - bet that all set your heart a pounding

Think that little adventure will probably remind her that she has to stay in the house from now on aww bless her, give her some tummy rubs from us
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I am so glad that she came home
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If I didn't already know how kind the folks on this site are, last night proved it yet again! Thank you for all of your best wishes, prayers, advice, and kind words. I was frantic last night! In my experience, after having many cats over many years, is that mine usually don't come back after missing. Little Miss is safe, and we (the cats and H) are so very happy she's back. When she came in last night, the other cats clustered around her, and a few tried to clean her, even old Hobbes, whom I've never seen groom another cat. They all seemed relieved that she was back--I think she's the buddy of at least a couple of our cats (Willi, Loki, Nixie, Smudge and B.J. like to play with her).

Last night was so cute--the cats and I went to bed around 10:30 or so; and Little Miss laid at my feet on the bed, sooooo tired out--I never saw her go to sleep so fast, nor sleep so soundly--it was so cute--like a little kid who's had a big, exciting day, and fell asleep, exhausted (as Mom did soon after that)!

I don't know if I mentioned this last night, but I used a flashlight to lure her into the house. She followed the beam to the door! (She was trying to play with the beam of light, so I figured I could lure her in with it.) This may be a good thing to try if you have a similar situation. I'll bet the manufacturer never thought of THAT use for the emergency flashlight! (It's a hand-crank, no batteries one I bought for $8.00 at WalMart recently.)

And Mooficat, thanks again!

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Thats wonderful news!! So glad shes home, safe and sound
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