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Might lose my internet tomorrow

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John's dads computer has some sort of a virus or something due to John's brother downloading way too many games onto it from the internet. The computer will not connect to the dial-up anymore and needs windows re-installed. John's dad told him that if John can't find a way to fix it today, he's cutting the phone line... if he can't have the internet, we can't either. John doesn't know how he's going to fix it, since it needs A $200 cd that no one wants to buy. Eventually we should be getting DSL, when the phone company decides to do some work on the box to install in... they said 1-4 weeks and its been 10 weeks now.
So anyway, I may lose my internet for awhile. Finger crossed that he doesn't actually cut the line.
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I'm confused.

All computers either come with a windows CD or come with a reinstalation CD. In the case of my computer that came with Windows XP, I didn't get a Windows XP CD, I got a reinstalation CD which reformats my computer back to the state it was when I first bought it, complete with Windows XP and all of the drivers I need.

Why would you have to buy a $200 CD to reinstall windows?
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Can you get your serial that is currently being used for the windows on your comp? You can find various little apps to retrieve this, I'm not sure if there's and easy way to look directly in XP if that's what you have.

Then borrow a windows cd from someone, use your serial when you install it.
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Well, this computer is at least 10 years old. Strange_wings, that's how they got the windows on the computer in the first place. The CD is still here SOMEWHERE, but after moving into the new house we have absolutely no clue where to even start looking for it, or even if it's still intact. John said he may be able to copy my hard drive from this computer onto the other computer and that may fix the problem. Let's hope it works!
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The serial number for the Windows application is usually on a sticker somewhere on your CPU. Either on the side, top or back, or sometimes inside the case.
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I build my own pcs so I can reformat any time as long as I have the XP cd. Have you tried cleaning the computer? It can be very intensive, but there are some great anti spyware and system utilities available for free. Do you also have a current firewall/antivirus? If not download one of the free trials to get you started. I would go with Kaspersky Internet Security as the trial is 30 days. Others are only 15 days. You can then block any outgoing communications and complete virus scans. I use Spybot Search and Destroy to check for spyware and there is a root kit revelaer available for XP. I'm not sure if you can download it from Microsoft or if it's only available on the cd. This can buy some time until you find your disc. You might also have to start in safe mode to disable some startup items or remove extremely resistant viruses or spyware.

I hate to say this but if your pc is 10 years old and it's been protected properly with antivirus/firewall, this could be corrupted system files and a need for general maintenance. You should clean the registry with a safe cleaner, use a utility to delete unecessary files, then defragment your drive. I can tell when my pc needs maintenance just by how it runs and if I don't reformat at least every year or two, there are files that get corrupted and require the reinstall of programs or drivers.
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Hopefully you don't lose your internet - if you do imagine your TCS withdrawals!
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Why don't u just put a code on it so they can't get on
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Well, I haven't lost the internet yet. But John's dad said if it isn't fixed very very soon, he's having the internet disconnected through the phone company. John said he's just going to tear my computer apart and copy the hard drive to the other computer... he thinks that'll fix the problem. Unfortunately, he can't promise we'll have MY computer working again, but his dad's computer will be fine. Which reminds me... I need to call and bug the phone company about the DSL again.
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