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Cat with seasonal allergies?

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Has anyone had experience with cats with allergies? The vet and I thought my cat Cleo had a URI, she went on two rounds on antibiotics and seemed to be better, but now she occasionally has sniffles, runny nose, runny eyes, and wheezing. The vet thinks it's allergies, and has prescribed an antihistamine.

Cleo HATES the antihistamine, it usually takes me 3+ tries to get her to swallow it. I tried pill pockets, which worked for awhile but now she just eats the pill pocket and spits out the pill! Smart kitty. The vet had said we would try pediatric benadryl instead since it's a liquid, so I need to give her a call Monday.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Could it be something other than seasonal allergies? Could it be food? Something else in the house?

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Torty and Stumpy had an allergy to something two weeks ago. The only symptom was swollen, watery eyes. One of my other cats takes prednisolone daily for asthma. The vet said I could give them a prednisolone tablet daily until the symptoms went away or up to a week. It took three days of prednisolone and they have been fine since.

The vet also told me how much antihistamine to give if I didn't want to use the prednisolone. She said antihistamine often makes cats either sleepy or hyper. I didn't want them to be either of those so I opted for the prednisolone.

Yes, it could be something in the house but that would still lead me to think it is an allergy. I have no experience with food allergies but I guess she could react the way you describe. Has her food changed recently?

Good luck finding a solution to Cleo's sniffles. Hugs and positive thoughts to both of you.
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Seasonal weather changes affect both of my kitties. I give them L-Lysine everyday to help boost their immune systems. When their allergies act up, I boost their dose to twice a day.

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I don't have a kitty with allergies, but my dog has pretty nasty environmental allergies. I give her this stuff...
And I would not hesitate to give it to my cats if they ever showed allergy symptoms. It's worked wonderfully for my dog!
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my kimpale kitty has some sort of allergies. the vet put him on temaril-p (an antihistamine plus prednisolone), half a tablet every other day, and kim's doing really well. he had stopped playing and was really lethargic; now he's back to his old self. he even does the mighty hunter thing again, where he kills one of his toys and brings it to me with a triumphant meow.
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Hi, as i have treated my cat with clavamox two rounds now I would like to try the allergy route. what are the amounts and how do you adminsiter the over the counter antihistamines?

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I have two cats with allergies - one is year round and the other is seasonal. They both also have asthma. When the allergies flare up - our vet gives us some prednisolone for a week then take them off of it gradually. They don't seem too eager on anything else but I can ask the next time.

It could be the food so you could ask the vet and try a low allergen food for awhile to see what happens and it could be something in the house like dust.

It's something to pass by your vet.
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