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My Pearl... an absolute gem of a kitty...

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Some of you know that my Pearl nearly broke her back about ten days ago -- she's doing great, though, almost entirely normal again, and we all thank you so much for the healing vibes you sent!

But a few days ago, she started sneezing, and I guess it may be a little kitty cold triggered by her ordeal. So last night, I was sleeping on my left side, and Pearl climbed up as usual to settle in on me and tilt her pretty little face to one side -- her way of asking to be scritched. So I brought my right hand up to give her some cheek-scritches, but I was a little concerned that she might sneeze into my face, which would necessitate a trip to the bathroom to wash up... so I bent my left arm in to keep the back of my left hand across my mouth.

Well, this hindered Pearl when she decided it was time to groom me. She stretched 'way to one side to lick my ear, and 'way to the other side to lick my wrist... but it was simply unsatisfying to her, and she soon padded back down to curl up around my leg again. At which point, I let my left hand fall back to the pillow, leaving my mouth unprotected.

Pearl noticed this and hurried right back up to nestle down on my side again... so I brought my hand back up in front of my mouth... and she looked so hurt! I explained sleepily, "Pearl, darlin, I'm so tired... I don't want you to sneeze in my face so I have to get up and wash...I'm sorry, sweetie..." And I kept my hand in front of my mouth.

So after a minute, Pearl gets up and comes around to my pillow. She starts patting and prodding at it, trying to flatten it enough to make a place for herself, and finally she snuggles down on the left side, where she can nuzzle in behind my hand to get at my face! Bless her heart! Such determination, such ingenuity... how could I deny her? I just laid there and let her lick my face to her heart's content.

And y'know, she never once sneezed on me!
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Awwwww...my Ginger is a licker, too. She doesn't cuddle, but she gives me special kitty kisses every single day, especially when I wake up in the mornings.

And when she makes up her mind to kiss me, nothing gets in her way either!

I'm REALLY glad that your precious girl is healing up and doing well!
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Awwww. That's why we love cats. They always have ways of getting to us and getting what they want and they are so cute in everything they do.
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That's so sweet...Glad she seems to be doing better
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Aww! Bless her heart!
I didn`t know she got hurt so I`m off to find the thread to catch up. Haven`t been around much the past week.
For you.
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They are persistent when they want something. I'm so glad she is doing better.
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That's beautiful i love it when they annoy you for cuddles and things, it makes having a cat so worth it
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How sweet! Pearl obviously decided that meowmy needed a grooming!
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