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That was weird

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I just upgraded my cable service to digital (comes w/ OnDemand now) and as I was playing around with the different channels, my TV just turned itself off.

I turned the surge protector off for 5 minutes, and turned it back on. I couldn't turn on the TV from the button on the TV, but I could turn it back on with the remote.

I hope this isn't a trend with the digital cable...the TV is only 5 years old.

Anyone also have this happen?
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Hon, I'm STILL trying to figure out how to turn the TV back on w/ digital and we've had it for over 2 yrs! With ours, you need to have the remote to turn it on and it has to have the "cable" button lit up. Otherwise, you could turn on the VCR, the DVD, any number of things but if cable isn't turned on first then I'm completely lost! I once turned on the surround sound, which started up the DVD player, but didn't turn on the TV so I had "Titanic" playing very loud through the speakers (but not on TV) and couldn't find the remote to turn down the surround sound.

Needless to say, now I just don't turn off the TV. I know how to change volume and change channels so I'm good to go (as long as the power doesn't go off!).

Good Luck!

But no, it's not you TV.
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Hmmm, that is weird. My tv has never done that with digital cable...Maybe you pressed the off button the remote without knowing?
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i doubt it had anything to do with the cable,
it sounds to me more like something to do with your tv
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Well it hasn't done it since...Fiance has had the cartoons cranking since 1:00.

Well at least I got 30 minutes of BBCA
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