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Cat Becoming Aggressive

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I have a 3.5month old russian blue. He enjoys attacking my hand, my feet, and sometimes my face.

I have been trying to cut his nails because they are becoming very sharp and have been injuring me. But he is not having anything to do with it. Everytime I try to get him to stay still, he will become frustrated and struggle, and usually hurt me.

He seems to be becoming more and more aggressive. Is this a trait that comes with being young? Or is there something that is causing him to become more aggressive? Where is this aggression coming from?

I cannot cut his nails at all, I've tried wrapping him in a towel, do it while he's sleeping. He is just not having any of it... I'm pretty frustrated.
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Patience. Take charge. Tell him to "sit still" and don't be intiminated by him. RB's are very smart - if they know they can struggle or bite or hiss and you will give in to it, then they are quick to take advantage of it.

Believe me I know - I had a RB female (and a neutered male - who was a lover). The female would look sweet and innocent till you went to pick her up. Then she turned into Mr. Hyde and NO one could handle her except me - she intimidated many judges so I stopped showing her.

Is this the 1st cat you've own? Have you trimmed nails before? I haven't found any cat I could not trim nails (tho my Turkish Angora gave me the hardest time and I had to do him over 2 days).
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i have a russian blue and he tolerates me clipping his nails. i have to do a couple at a time and stop and wait for another day. i sit him on the floor at a time when he's not wound up and i straddle him. that way he can't back up. i keep bringing him back if he tries to get away. when he was young he would try to nip at my arm/hand and i touched the clippers to his teeth and he stopped because he didn't like the metal touching his mouth. luxor on the other hand i have to do, like one a day and give him a treat afterwards because he just hates to have his claws clipped. it takes patience and firmness and soft talking. don't yell or get angry because they'll just get scared and not trust you......
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About the nails...you might want to ask the vet the show you how to do it, or have another person hold him while you clip 'em (or vice versa).
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I've owned 1 cat prior to this one, and he was ok with me clipping his nails.

The front paws are not that bad, but I have only been able to clip one of his toe nails since I've had him.
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