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Kitten sociability!

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I posted yesterday about one of our kittens being very very antisocial - anyway, he seems to have calmed down an awful lot. He's still a bit nervous but less so and now lets you approach him etc.

However, I have a couple more questions. As we have two and they are brothers they are always playing together, I try to induce them to play with me but they don't really want to know - they are either playing with each other or both sleeping. I try to interact with them as much as possible but they don't seem to bother much and just run off to play together.

I am worried that with less human interaction they won't grow to be very sociable? Is there anything I can do about this?

Also, a food issue. How much should I be feeding them....I bought sachets of meat (science plan) and dry food (also science plan) - all kitten food obviously. The sachets say three a day and the dry said 30g twice a day, so I thought two sachets a day and a little bit of dried food in the evening would be good -

However, they don't actually eat anywhere near this amount. Between them they just polish off one sachet, maybe two, and the dried food. And it takes them all day. This is half the amount recommened by the food manufacturer - and also means they constantly have food available (they pick at it).

Any advice? Is this okay?
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hi there just to say when I got my two kittens i would hardly ever see them as they would go off and play/sleep together and would also come and visit me when they would come for a fuss but by themselves never together, now nearly 3 years down nthe line they never play together or sleep together you would never think they came from the same litter, but they are ever so friendly and will go to any one for a fuss once they know, I hope this helps
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How old are they? If younger then 10 weeks old, they really don't socialize with people on a regular basis - they are more interested in playing with each other. But you can still pick them up, cuddle and carry them around a bit, then let them down to play with each other.

As far as feeding, I usually had dry food available almost all the time. And would put down a couple of spoonfuls of canned food; line them up and they would eat till full. Remember kitten bellies are not very big and don't hold a lot I'd offer them canned food 3 times a day. Wasn't very long before they were ready and willing to eat when it was offered.
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Very helpful! Thank you!
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