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Naked cuteness

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Being that the pics are slightly too big I'll just post a couple of favourites as links
Group pic 1
Group pic 2
Group pic 3 <-- for the whole album
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Adorable wrinkly bubs
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Awww, makes me want to go get baby socks and put them on the little naked bodies
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I keep making high pitched cute noises at the screen.

Are they the same kittens that you have been posting since they've been born? They've grown really fast!
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yupp.. same litter although they're only 6 of them now since we had to lay two of the boys rest due to them having hydrocephalus since medicating them did not relieve the preassure on the brain.
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Aww, it's sad that you lost a couple of them.

I've always preferred my kitties with fur but your little bunch are so cute I think they've converted me! And in the way of all kittens, they know how to pose so perfectly for pictures.

Is the lightest one a flame point? he/she is very adorable.
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What a cute bunch!
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Red point, possibly's hell to determine colors on sphynxes
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Awwww look at those babies, they have gotten big
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oh my goodness, too much cuteness! Love the last photo So sorry about the two little boys, is that a common illness?
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Awwwwww look at the little cherubs
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