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fluffy is having kittens , need some advise

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well it looks to be legs first? will this be a problem? ok im worrying i know lol. but iv had bum first and head firsts but never feet first??
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OK FIRST ONE IS BORN i had to break the sack and fluffy did everything else , now she is having the second one and anne is cleaning the first one up more and fluffy seems to be ok with this.
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second one is here 3rd is on the way.
had some trouble he was still attached to the plancter which was still inside mum when the plancter came out fluffy didnt cut the cord so i had to, but all is fine
so far 1 black male 4oz feet first
1 black and white male 4oz head first
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oh Im so pleased its finally happening for her and all seems to be going well.

Please keep us updated.

Emma x x
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ok she just had her 3rd all black boy 4oz
i got the second one wrong , he is a grey and white tabby. 4th seems to be on the way. shes so tired though im doing the clean ups for her at the moment , and i passed 3rd to her to cut the cord which she did this time.
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congratulations!! I had to do the cords on all of mine, i think its not unusual for a first time mum to not do it. Is she a first timer? We also had some legs first! Can't wait to see pics of your new fluffy babies!!! xx
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ok 4th is born black boy 4oz again. how am i going to tell them apart??
yes she is a first time and only time, shouldnt have been a first time.
bit worried about #3 dosnt seem to be as active as the others , but will keep an eye on him.
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Awww. I had to cut cords on every litter my rex queen had - she would just give them this disgusted look "I don't want to do that!" - so i tied and cut all the kittens - she did everything else.

Be sure you've counted the placentas - one for each kitten - if she retains them, she can get infection quickly.

As far as telling the 2 black boys apart, try to mark a little dot in their ears with a magic marker (red/green) - you'll have to keep doing this till they get bigger and you can tell the difference in face, body, etc.

BTW its BLUE and white - not grey and white

Pictures please soon
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yes all 4 placentas seen and she ate all 4. yes i know its blue and white lol i was in a rush typing lol.
i will try that with the 3 black boys.
i only had to break the first sack and cut the second cord , i managed to get her to cut the last 2.
i think shes done , shes so tired though bless her shes asleep. i woke up at 7.30 am this morning to her in labour so i dont know how long she had been before that. she had her first at 9.15 am.
and yes pictures will be up a bit later.
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Funny thing was her daughter had a litter and she didn't need ANY help from me But Lady was a very good mom - just didn't want to chew the I'd sit there with her and help out - besides she always waited till I was there to help - which meant having them during the day - never at nite
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aww all the other fosters etc have been at night early hours . fluffy i think started as i woke up this morning as they was only tiny contractions and quite far apart.
annes litter is 9 weeks old today. so i have 17 cats/kittens here at the moment. omg the food bill lol.
her brother patch(neutered) has been helping in cleaning fluffy up his being so good , but his like the daddy cat in the house any kittens we bring in his always been the one to clean them and look after them so to speak. and anne has been in and out of the nesting box helping out with the cleaning aswell , it is helping a lot as fluffy is so tired she hasnt cleaned herself up atall and didnt clean the last 2 kittens much , but anne saw to that. now she is asleep with her babys in her nest.
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ok the marker trick isnt working!! there ears inside and out are black the skin is black argg.
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try nail polish on their toes, i have done that on one of my blues as i had 2. You can code it e.g. one black has none, 1 has it on front paw, one on back. Just don't let mum lick it off and just a tiny dab. Working fine for me!!
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does it have to be a certine polish?? i have already got confused as to who is who. so gonna be a guseing game now.
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Ok if the nail polish doesn't work, then try trimming the fur on the tail. You don't want to tie ribbons on the neck.

IMO I would not do anything. As long as the kittens are nursing fine, you really don't have to weigh them all the time. I've never weighed my rex kittens - they all turned out happy and healthy.
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hi there, I am glad shes had a good birthing and it sounds like all the babies are in good health I know you were worried cos mum was on meds.

Anyway I hope you've all had a bit of a break and some rest

Keep us posted on how they are all doing and give Fluffy some special chin rubs from us
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yea i think i am going to leave putting anything on the kittens, just let them be.
yea thankfully they all seem to be fine i was a bit worried about kittens #3 but he seems to be doing ok now.
she is still very wet but is now awake and starting to clean herself up a bit , and the kittens are all nursing fine.
i will put pictures up later i have a few group ones but im not going to take indvidual ones untill tomorrow.
the blue/white tabbys does have some brown on his face his front paws are white his back paws and part legs are white his belly is white and some of his face is white , he has a lot of blue on him , also black on the back. so maybe he wont be a blue and white just a brown tabby and white? will soon see as he gets bigger.
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Congratulations on the new arrivals. So glad all went well. i would have loved to see smudge have hers but she done it in private. Good luck keeping track who's who.
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Congratulations on your new arrivals, I'm glad everything went well! Pictures please!!!

so i have 17 cats/kittens here at the moment.
John and I have 18... plus his dad's 2 are also in the house. LOL
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ok we can be broke together lol
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Glad all is well. Looking forward to seeing pics.
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Congratulations on your healthy babies, Tasha and Fluffy!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures!
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Congratulations that all went well! Pat on the back to Fluffy!
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HI just got in from work and seen you have had your babies (im so jealous)well done fluffy and you . hopefully mine wont be to long now, she had slight discharge this morning , louise xx
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yeah as long as they all seem ok it doesn't really matter if u muddle them up i guess! In answer to the nail polish thing - no i just used standard nail polish, a tiny amount and it is helping me tell difference. I think it was maybe more important for me as i had to hand feed for first 18 hrs so it was important for me to know who i'd fed or not etc. Hopefully u don't have to worry so much!!
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thank you everyone, i can relax now.
good luck with daisy , louise , hope everything goes well with her delivery and that she has safe healthy kittens.
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