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Am I doing something wrong? -KittenMom

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Hi, i found this 3 week kitten abandoned in my backyard and I decided to take care of him. Now he is loaded with stuff for kittens (according to petsmart employee) Now. He cries sometimes a lot, at night he is fine but during the day he cries a lot. I feed him very often (2hrs apart), I stimulate him so he can potty (he has done it most of the time in the wrong place though, and is driving me crazy). I know that could be he is hungry or cold when he cries. I dont have a warm pad but I use a bottle of water that is hot then all his 'rags' are microwaved and underneath i use a big sock filled with natural rice just eated in the microowave to keep him warm. Tonight I added a heater in the lowest setting far away from him. He is surrounded with boxes so he can have his space without going far. I don't want him to sleep with me since he still has fleas, and I have a carpet in the apartment and i dont want them to be all over! What can i do about this? Well, I am doing my best putting attention on his feedding time, being warm and try to keep an eye on his 'potty' activities. Am I missing something? I want to take good care of him, but I dont want him to get used on me being around him all the time since I am single and have a full time job. Another thing... I feed him at 10 at nite and then he cries around 6 am in the morning. He sleeps all night which is good but still during the day I feed him like 2 oz more often than at night.

Any advice or what should I add to my routine?

thanks a lot for your help!!

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Well first, I'd wash him in Dawn dish detergent to help get rid of the fleas. While you are confining the cat, sorry to say, the FLEAS don't stay confined - they are probably in your carpet now anyway - so you need to treat the carpet. And fleas on a 3-week old kitten is not good - they can make him anemic quickly if there is a lot.

How long have you had the kitten in your house? You'd almost have to carry the kitten in your pocket during the day and keep him with you - there is no mom or siblings to hang out with, and you are his only "friend".

Has the vet seen him yet? If he has fleas he has tapeworms! If you work full time, how are you feeding him every 2 hrs????
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I was going to suggest that he was lonely as well. He probably misses his littermates. Perhaps a stuffed animal would help?
Good luck!
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Working fulltime, are you able to take him with you to work for feeding?
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Same question asked me the lady at Petco. I am starting a new job and it is almost impossible. I wish I could. I work in an office
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If you cant look after this little baby because of your work commitments (and that is understandable so dont feel bad ) its best to get in touch with a your local rescue shelter IMO. Maybe someone here could point you in the direction of a good one to go to in your area? The kitten is going to need a lot of constant care throughout the day when you are away.

ps - as pointed out, a cat with fleas means a house with fleas and a cat possibly with tapeworms..
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I was looking online and there is a shelter from the city very near to home. I will call and taking him today I am alergic to cats and i feel terrible on top of all. Anyway, but I will still offer to 'support' him until he is adopted. I am not alergic to dogs!! so I might volunteer on saturdays on dogs section. I really want my kitten to be good and healthy.

Thanks for all your help!
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I am so sad. I did find a shelter for him. I left him with his bed, his little bottle, milk, sand and extra goodies i bought for him. They did not ask much, they just happily took him. I know he is going to be ok but I am heartbroken. I have decided that I will go as often as possible to make donations on food, money etc. They really need it for all the wonderful job they are doing.

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Sounds like you did the best you could do for the little kitty, and now he has a chance to go to a forever family. Give yourself a pat on the back for that!
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You did the best thing for the kitten - which is wonderful.
Unfortunately it needs feedings more often then you could possibly do. I'd also have trouble doing them because of work.
Thank you.
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