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Food switch for sensitive stomach?

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Hello all,
I would love some feedback, opinions or anything else you have to offer on this subject. I have a 10 year old F-DSH who has been on Hills Science Diet dry food for senstive stomach for about 2 years.
I started feeding this to her b/c before that she was puking every day and straining to poop + pee in her box. Then I noticed she was peeing outside box and it had blood in it(I wanted to die). Anyhow-the vet took blood, gave her antibiotics, ran tests and found no problem with her, so she suggested HSD 'senstive stomach'. No more puking(well the occasional fur ball) no more straining for 1 & 2 and best of all no bloody pee.... .... But I have noticed that her poops are very tiny!
I want to switch her food to something that will help her poops, help her coat(shedding A LOT and dry) with out making her puke! I had her on gross purina when she was younger and nutra 'natural choice' for indoors before that. Both No Good.
Any suggestions??
Also Kitty is not a fan of wet food!
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HAS the VET done blood work???

Natural choice usually works /.... what did she do on it??
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The vet tested for urinary tract infections, bladder infection, liver and kidney enzyme (or protein??) levels. No stones or crystalization, either Everything was normal! So, just short of an MRI, she recommended the HSD, it fixed her prob, so no MRI was needed!
I would blame the puking on the fact that she grooms a lot and is a nervous nellie, but the bloody urine and lack of poo was a real issue.
I may try the Natural choice again, maybe mix some wet with her dry food for starters?
-Le Chat Noir
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I would as it is far more easily digested than what she is getting... Some cats will eat dry mixed with wet but many wont
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Thanks Sharky!
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For her coat, you could try supplementing her food with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. They sell it at the vets for dogs around here, but you can use the same stuff on cats.
Zorro had a huge problem with dry flakey skin and lots of shedding, and after a month of using the supplements, his coat is silky shiny, no dandruff,and he doesn't shed near as much.
I'm not too sure on on the food. I feed Zorro Medi-Cal Hypoallergenic/Gastro.Its for cats with sensitive stomachs, and he really loves it, and it smells good too.
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Our cat is a pig, she'll eat everything in front of her until it's gone (including the other cat's food) & then puke it up.
We've kept her on Purina Sensitive Systems dry food (it also isn't orange & hard to clean up).
The vet suggested be put a golf ball in her dish to slow down her eating (we're up to 2 golf balls!).
Also, first thing in the morning, we only feed her about 1/4 to 1/3 of her meal-wait an hour & feed her the rest. That way she is less likely to gorge it all at once.
She doesn't throw it up nearly as much!
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