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I might be getting a crock pot for the hollidays

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I was wondering if anyone has any recipes for the crock pot! Even better if they are low calorie! Thanks in advance!
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I just did a search for Debby in her venting thread, so I'll give you the links I found for her. Some of them are good-for-you sites, and there are enough recipes here to keep you busy for years to come!

Here's a link to 1400 Crock Pot recipes.

And here's another, smaller list:

Here's some healthy, balanced diet crock pot recipes:

Here's some Southern Crock Pot Recipes:

One with hints and Beef and Chicken Recipe:

More Tasty ones:

Here's one that has subsections for Crock Pot and Casseroles:

Holy Cow! This one has 5,800 crock pot recipes:
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You will absolutely love your crockpot! I use it usually twice a week along with my breadmaker. My only suggestion is to make sure you get one where the liner is removable. There are some out there that you cannot remove the liner and they are murder to clean!

Here are some sites for recipes.

Also,you can go to: and then type in "crockpot" in their search engine. At this site the recipes are already rated by fellow cooks so you can see the winners over the losers!

I don't have time right now to post my favourites. But I will over the next couple of days.

Have fun!
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I didn't see her post but Heidi beat me to it!

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LOL ----- I read this post TOO FAST (Or I just a gutter mind!)

I might be getting a crack pipe for the holiday!

sorry to inturrupt!
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Oh my!!!!

Yes, we at the cat site are here to answer many questions on a variety of problems. We try our best to answer questions on cat problems, emotional problems, or crack pipe problems...

My significant other just walked by and said I am no longer allowed on this site because Lhezza is influencing me in the wrong ways...

:tounge2: :tounge2:
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I haven't used my crockpot in a few months. I used it so much for a while I actually got burned out on it. I think meats cooked in the crock are much better than any other way of cooking. Just so much more tender. I really don't have any recipies but I use mine for the following:

Chili (gets really tender and REALLY spice)
Boiled cajun peanuts
Chicken w/carrots
Red beans and rice w/sausage
Cheese dip
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I don't have one myself...or any recipes...but after reading this I'm going to go get one! lol
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I think that I'd give up Bill, before I'd give up my crock pot. Its too hot, in the summer, to turn on the oven. I cook my beef and pork roasts in it and keep the house cool.

Definitely, make sure you get one with a removeable crock. I've had both kinds and the removeable one beats everything. I just pop the lid back on and stick the leftovers in the fridge and, when its empty, pop it in the dishwasher.
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I have one now, and I love it... Have beef stew cooking in it as we speak. I'm hoping to get a 6 qt one for christmas, I have a 1.5 qt one and it doesn't cut it. I like to cook for 6-8 people, and have friends over

2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 can green beans
1 can corn
1 can carrots
2 cups milk
however much chicken you want( I use half a rotisserie chicken, you could use cooked chicken breasts or whatever. Just make sure it's cooked)
1 cup bisquick
1/3 cup milk

dump all except dumpling mixture in crock pot, stir together. cook on low for 3-4 hrs, stirring occasionally. About 1 1/2 hrs before dinner time, mix up dumplings and drop them in by spoonfuls (I use large spoonfuls).

Makes enough for 4 hungry people
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Damn I love dumplins, just like little cakes I love Spotted Dick too. It uses suet like dumplins and is lovely with custard. Although it does rather sound like a infectous male disease
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Originally posted by Lhezzza
LOL ----- I read this post TOO FAST (Or I just a gutter mind!)

I might be getting a crack pipe for the holiday!

sorry to inturrupt!
Lhezzza...that just totally "cracked" me up!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Too funny!!!!
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Originally posted by -BuNN-
Damn I love dumplins, just like little cakes I love Spotted Dick too.
What the heck???

:LOL: :laughing: :LOL: :laughing:

Sorry...couldn't resist....been a long week.:tounge2:
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This thread is getting weird - crack pipes and Spotted Dick. Sounds like South Central L.A.
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OMG, couldn't they have thought of a better name than spotted dick????????????? Jeesh...I won't tell you what I thought it was!

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The name's centuries old, long before dick was a dirty word. At one time 'gay' ment happy, now it means 'homosexual'. Tis a shame how people twist around words and make them vulgar, although asking for a Spotted Dick in Soho, London gets you funny looks, and maybe the odd off some fella.

Anyway back to crock-pots, we have one and, erm, it never gets used :tounge2:
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well now I want a crock pot, been wanting one for years. May have to convince hubby to go out and get me one.
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I have a crock pot, and I'm trying to use it more. It is very old, but it still functions. One of these days, I'll have to get one with the removable section. has a food section with crock pot recipes, too.

No comment on the crack pipe or spotted dick.
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