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How many cats do you own?

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This thread was started as a continuation of Abymummy's thread. I thought this would be easier, and I'm curious to see what our stats are.

Only count cats that live with you and of which you are the primary caretaker.

I have 8. Two are my mom's, but we live with her to take care of her and her cats, so I count them.
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I voted 6, but would u say we have 7 since we have a feral we feed and its willies best friend ! But in the house we have 6
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We have four crazy kitties running around our house..
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Just two! But, I am owned by them
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I voted 9...6 that are indoor and permanent...2 strays that we take care of and they sleep here....and 1 semi feral that I guess is permanent but with him going outside sometimes you never know. I am working on making him an inside kitty and he is doing steps... I think it will happen soon.
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I have eight!!!
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Just 4. I am fostering 4 kittens so I guess that's 8.
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Just two wonderful cats. and 4 wonderful dogs.
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Just the one, but she takes up quite a lot of room just on her own
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I have 6 cats. I actually adopted 2 from rescue groups and the other 4 adopted us. Of the 4, 2 were strays and 2 were ferals I socialized. There are a couple more that show up occasionally for food but I didn't count them.
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We have four
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10 at the moment as we have 6 kittens!!
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Originally Posted by Godiva View Post

Only count cats that live with you and of which you are the primary caretaker.
I will say no cats. Beau and Felicia are with other people. There is a cat at the care center, but I am not the primary caretaker.
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Just one right now. But I'm considering getting him a playmate.

I am at the +30 category.
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I voted for 7 since I am going to take care of mom's kitties again next month and have been spending the weekends with them I miss them. (she has 4 & I have 3).
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We have just the one around here. I would like to get a second kitty at some point.
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Just 2 here
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We have 4 that live with us and 1 that lives at DH's office and DH feeds about 10 strays every night, he has trapped several and had them neutered/spayed
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If I had more $ and space I'd like to have 5 I think. I have 2 currently. They look like sisters even though they're not
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I have 6 indoor kitties, but also help feed and take care of my MIL's barn cats. So, how many live in my house? 6. How many are close to my heart? 20-30+
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Two indoor Tuxie Kitties who don't get along, who are not lap cats, who are soooo independent until its time to eat!
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I voted 2 ... but in two weeks, that number will change to 3!
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5 kitties! an i have writen enough so now i have!
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I voted four, but you forgot to add this option: Zero, my cats own me...LOL!
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I have four Jasmine, Isabella, Velvet, and Kojak

and in addition to them i also have 4 foster kittens right now so 8 really.
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Nial has my 19 beat with 27!!!!
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I have 3, the ones in my sig, to which I am primary caregiver.

I'm am alternate/assistant caregiver to a colony in the area, but I'm not their primary caregiver. There are about 11 in that colony, all fixed and vaccinated.
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I Went for 5, prob should have done 4 as that is what I would prefer to be at!! 2 are mine, the other 4 in the house at the mo are fosters, one has just had an offer of a home, and if it doesn't work, she will be going back to the rescue at the end of the month. I do wish at times I had more money to help oldies, but then wouldnt be able to foster as many.
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