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My kitten is frustrating me

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I have an approximately 4 month old male kitten who attempts to suckle on my hair and neck whilst clawing it rather roughly, and I have no idea why he does it nor how to stop it. He does it at 6am, waking me up, and I'm reaching the end of my tether with him. He's an inside cat only, as I live right by a busy main road and don't want to risk him getting killed by a car. Also, my kitten doesn't meow at all, and seems to have no pain receptors. We have a 1 yr old female who he play-fights with regularly and even when she gets rough with him, he doesn't react at all. Does anyone have any advice for me? I love my kitten to bits and hate being frustrated with him =(


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Shower cap.

My cat started this habit, she would fall asleep on my pillow and I'd wake up and she was chewing/sucking on my hair. I was at my wits end about it. I tried locking her out of my bedroom but nothing will drown out the sound of a cat wailing. So I spoke to friend of the family and they suggested a shower cap. I put it on for a week (thankfully I was living on my own at the time!!) and she has never done it since.
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Kitties tend to do this "suckling and kneading" as a sign of affection and trust. They are "accepting" you as their "cat mommy". Kitties that do this have usually been taken away from their mother when they were quite young. Sometimes this behavior stops when they get older. But if it doesn't stop, the kitty is telling you "I love you".

If their nails bother you, just trim them back a bit.
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www.catsifier.com will help you and your kitten
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