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Swollen area

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My cat Maui just had babies yesterday, I noticed right around that area down there, she was a little swollen, I assumed this is from just pushing 4 babies out of there. But how long should that area stay a little swollen or irritated? It was a little puffy yesterday and this morning and now it is reddish and a little bloody. I cleaned her up but what should it look like "down there". I never had a female with newborn babies in my care before believe it or not. Is a little irritation normal and for how long? I think if the area is irritated she would lick it more but that will also just keep irritating it.

BTW- She had them about 5 hours before I got home so I wasn't around (of course) but it was a VERY messy birth, I don't know what is totally normal, but her fur was all filthy and dirty and caked with birth fluids for lack of better words and a little blood. I am reading that there could be hemmoraging after birth where the area would be swollen and there may be blood. Since there is I am going to take her in tot eh vet in the morning. Just to be safe. But if someone can still answer the questions in the first paragraph, that would be cool.
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i dont know if this will help much , but iv never noticed on the other mums iv had in the past. but fluffy had her kittens this morning and she is very swollon and red looking. she did have a bit of trouble with a cupple of the kittens getting a bit stuck so i dont know if this was why , but on anne it didnt look as bad. i would keep an eye on it and see how it goes.
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