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I got a really big tip from a customer today

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I weeded for several hrs last week for one of my customers. They had a large brush pile at the back of their property. I told her I could she how much of that I could haul away for them. So a couple days this week I spent only a bit over two hours hauling away what I could-no access to yard other than carrying in arms to truck. I did the best I could and emailed her some suggestions on composting the leaves. This wasn't a big deal for me to do this for her. I stopped by her work to get check and she had written out another check for $50!!! (I'm also giving her asparagus as we have lots)
I told Neil they get all our spare asparagus and told her she didn't have to do this-she said to get a massage for all my hard work!! (I got one last yr and the massage therapist said I was the stiffest person she ever worked on!!
So that really made my day!!! (and the $150 I spent on plants helped too)
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Wow, that's awesome!!!! How lovely of her

Isn't it nice to be appreciated Makes you want to help her out more in the future when they're nice like that!
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That was nice of her!! Oh....I love buying plants! It is therapeutic for me! My mom may not always agree...she thinks I put potholes in the backyard....but you should see her brag when people come over. I'm the one who is digging the holes anyway!
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I love buying plants too.... keeping them happy is completely another matter.

I have to get FH do that for me....
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How nice of her.
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Wow! Thats great!! Very nice of her.....
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It's great to be appreciated.
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It's a great feeling to know that you have made a difference in at least one person's life. You give a little and it all comes back to you.
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Aww Gail!

You know you are a wonderful person!!
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Wow - that is definately a client you want to keep!
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Isn't it nice to get a little extra in appreciation? It really does make your day!
And if you have any asparagus left, feel free to send some my way too!
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that is was sweet and thoughfull of her!!!! i hope you enjoy your massage
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