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FINALLY! Pictures!!!

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Yay! I have pictures, I have pictures!! *cough* Ok, now here is the baby kittens!!! First up is....


He says, talk to the butt, the face doesn't want to hear it!!

Next! Shaksphere! I know, I didn't wash his eye off before the pictures... I should have done it before.

He says, I hate you now!

Next.. Is Tosca!!!

What is this??

No more pictures for you!!

They are all soo cute!!

Enjoy! Thank you for reading!!
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Aww, very cute!! And they are getting big!
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They are really cute Spirita, I bet you are really enjoying having them. I hope his eye gets better too.
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yay cutest kittie awards
they are so adorable
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Absolutely adorable!
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aww what little cherubs and they certainly look like a bundle of fun
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They are very sweet.

Has the little one seen the vet about his eye?
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Beware of 3 red headed boys!

My first rex litter had 3 reds, and they were "heck on wheels" - they always stayed together and what one didn't think of to get into, the other did....used to call them my "red headed gang" - it was funny
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Are you SURE you have all boys, there? Sure looks like Chubs is a male from the lovely butt shot we have there...once and a while, you'll get an orange or red female!

They're looking good! I'm worried about Shakespheare's eye it still goopy/crusty...does he wake up with it glued shut a lot? I do think it looks like an infection. My Ripley had the same thing going on there when she was tiny...the vet gave my some eye ointment, and it cleared up nicely. I remember the ointment being super cheap was less than $10.

Anyway, darling babies!!! I have a soft spot for orange cats and kittens...
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Yep, Chubs is a male, Shaksphere is a male, and Tosca is the female. And I think he does wake up with it glued shut.. Poor baby. I have got to check on him though. I always clean their eyes before school, so I can say I cleaned them. I do think it is an infection though. Poor babies. Chubs has a small infection in his left eye, but his stay opened longer. Its just poor Shakeshpere's that are the worst.
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Yeah, just call the vet. They'll line you up with some eye probably need to use it just twice a day. One tube will probably be enough for all of the kittens.

Good luck!

Again, they're lovely babies!
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aww there so cute, apart from there eys they seem real healthy , well done mika.
i know your having troubles with taking them to the vet but they do really need some eye ointment or something to clear the infection.
hope they get better soon.
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