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More pics of the kids

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Reilly and Sydney were playing with Daddy's reading glasses tonight so I thought I'd take a few pictures. Sydney was actually in a good mood!!

"What are we looking at Reilly?"

"Let me show you how it's done get down really this!"

"I think you look silly Reilly"

"l'll just stick to being cute"

Reilly says "I can be cute too!"

Close up of Mr. Green eyes

I hope you enjoyed!
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You have two absolutely gorgeous babies. As always Reilly with his majestic look and Sydney is so regal, look at that Queen
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OMG...I LOVE Reilly pics, he's just should enter him in a contest Sydney your a beauty too baby
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O, your kids are so adorable and cute and clean and kissable and huggable!!
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Absolutely gorgeous!

Love the captions!
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wonderful pics
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They are beautiful! Reillys eyes are stunning.
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Tracy those babies are as gorgeous as ever I love the way Reillys resting his chin
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Just beautiful! Love the eyes
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They are both absolutely GORGEOUS, and those eyes soo GORGEOUS
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You take SUCH beautiful pics of them Tracy!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Reilly....omg, he is so stinkin' pretty! The little black outline of his nose... And those eyes....
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Awww, they are gorgeous! I love the one of Reilly lying low!
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