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Need some advice....

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I'm about to get two jobs building websites for a couple of companies... and I'll probably get more here very very soon.

I'll have a job, so this is "other income" on my taxes... which hurts come refund time.

I think I need to do an LLC or something... but I'm not sure what route I need to go and what would be the best for a single individual. Eventually I do want to run my own business and offer other services, like technical editing, proposal writing, video editing and instructional design. But right now this is just a little piece.

Anyone on here who runs their own business want to give me some advice?

I know we do have a small business incubator just down the street and I should probably go talk to them.

I'm in Montana btw.... I don't know how much the tax laws change from state to state in regard to small business.
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Check to see if that small incubator gives 15 minutes for free.

Otherwise here's a Yahoo! seach for you:

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