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Cats in Turkey need your help ASAP

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I got this in the mail today:
Hi friends,
>Today, I received very bad news: the cat shelter in Marmaris/Turkey is
>about to be destroyed within the next two weeks.
>This shelter is a private shelter, run by a woman named Jeannie. Soon
>after she went over to Turkey, she got involved in rescue work, starting
>with a male kitten that she named "Hayat" ("Life"). At present, she has
>about 240 - 250 cats living at her shelter. She had to move several
>times with her cats, until she finally found the location near Marmaris
>where she presently resides.
>Apparently, this shelter is to be destroyed now to make space for
>building projects. Turkish authorities don't care much for a cat's life
>and are prepared to pts any cats still living there. From what I've
>heard, any attempts to find another suitable location have failed so
>far. There are only two weeks left to find a solution!!!!
>You can find further info about the shelter at:
>Right now, the only solution seems to mail the biggest Turkish
>newspaper, Hurriyet, and make them report about what's going on. This
>might help to raise public awareness. Please mail to:
>You can either send individual mails or petitions.
>Please forward this on to anybody who you think will be interested and
>willing to help out. It's truly urgent!!

Please do what you can to help - email that newspaper in Turkey and maybe the local media where you live.
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I sent an e-mail to editor appealing to his sense of humanity. Hope it helps
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So have I and I hope it helps!
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I just sent an email as well Anne
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Did you get any reply? I didn't...
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so far I haven't seen one
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I asked for a return receipt once the message was read. Mine was read - but no reply from the paper - sigh!!!!
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Here's what I got in the mail today:

>Dear all,
>just want to thank everyone for your emails,support and
>attention! Good news is that Marmaris mayor and governor have kindly
>agreed to extend the demolition start till 3 months later. This time is
>given for us to raise the money and find another place. Kindly ask
>everyone who has been in contact with themunicipality, to thank
>them for this chance. Later on, donation coordinators will
>be appointed for each country to raise the financial help
>to buy land, and build another Cat shelter. We will post
>further details soon. We all believe that with all the
>support we have seen so far, this is possible! Thank you so much once
>Jeannie and Marmarisinfo.com Team
>May 01, 2001

Seems like it did help after all
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that is awesome news!!! :flash:
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This is a feel good day!!!
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