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"Sibling" rivalry???

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my kitty kali is four years old. i took in my sister's 15 1/2 yr old cat about 2mos ago
they have worked out their differences and play together, etc
BUT they seem to either: have taught each other their bad habits, or, they are jealous of each other and both want my attention...

here's what is happening: Kali, who had almost no interest in food, she only eats cuz if she didn't she'd starve, is now begging me all the time for treats! (previousl, she only "requested" one, maybe two treats per day)
Mickey, who loves food, especially canned food, comes running if there is even the remotest possibility that she might get some. If she doesn't get it, she trips me up, meowing loudly, and just makes a nuisance of herself.

Now it seems the two of them are CONSTANTLY demanding food (mostly Mickey) or attention (actually, Mickey is a bit of an attention hog as well!)

it seems as if they are afraid the other one is getting something they aren't!!!

i can't think of any other reason for this behavoir.They both get plenty of attention, and Mickey gets her food (although she always wants more! i am afraid she'd explode if i gave her canned food as often as she begs for it!)

Any ideas on what to do to reassure them that i love them both and that there is plenty of food as well???

i have started taking up their food bowls and only putting out food twice a day- my thinking is that with the food no longer always available, when they beg (Mickey esp!) i can put out the dry food as if it were a treat. (my sister does not want her cat eating only canned food, not sure why, she loves it more than anything! and she is so old, if she were my cat, i'd give her only canned, it makes her so happy...)

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Next time they beg for food just give them extra play time. Like people cats can use food as a "feel good" thing when insecure.

Soft food all the time is very bad for kitties teeth! Have your kitties had their teeth checked/cleaned lately? Very important for a healthy kitty!

You sound like a super mom! Hug the kitties for me.
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My litle furbabies are all afraid one of them is going to get something the others aren't! At least one of them keeps watch over the treat can all the time.
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