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Harness/Collar-which one to chose?

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hi there

so i want to buy a harness-collar for Givi, which one is better/more comfy/safer? (they seem to be different in the way you lock it etc)

thanks before hand
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My cats always manage to find a way out of the harness... I think you have to introduce them to it over time. My cats don't go outside unless I'm outside, so I don't make them wear collars (unless they are really pretty). My MIL regularly takes the kittens I gave her for a walk on a harness and leash, though... so I know it can be done.

Just from my experience, the harness you have at the bottom of your post doesn't work well. They can squeeze out of it too easily.
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Everyone says the H Harness is best - the one in the middle that's got the cute pattern on it.

I have one of each type, and the H harness definitely feels more secure and is easier to adjust to your kitties size.

My kitties love going outside - sometimes I harness them, sometimes I don't. They don't run away, so if I'm just hanging outside with them while talking to the neighbours, they don't need a harness (but I pick them up if a car comes by), but if we're actually going for a walk, I'll put the harness on.
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I use the same style as "jagger" in the picture and the one right underneath that one. It is much easier than some of the other ones out there and i've found it to be more sturdy/ stay on better as well
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I bring PHX outside occasionally.. he's never allowed outside with out me or my boyfriend with him... He never leaves so sometimes we'll let him out with no leash or anything... but we have a regular collar, and just a small leash for him. We don't have a harness. He does pretty good with this leash, however he won't 'walk' with us he just rolls around on the ground in front of our condo and then we go inside.

Keep us updated on what you choose
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Second harness.
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I read you should never put a collar around the neck if your using it to walk the cat. A harness supposedly is safer for them.
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The only cat that had a harness was Mitten (my 1st cat who was indoor/outdoor). And I got him the figure 8 harness which worked well. You can also use the figure 8 one on rabbits
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I use small Roman dog harnesses. They have an extra band going from chest to tummy which makes it more secure, it also sits in a V down on the chest instead of going around the neck like H harnesses.
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Originally Posted by AZ<3Me View Post
i use that kind for raven and nabu. stimpy is a very large cat and i use a roman dog harness on him. although they haven't worn their harnesses in ages. i have them mostly in case of emergency type thing. for collars they have "safe cat" collars i bought at target and tags that don't dangle, but slide onto the collar. i bought the tags at
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I prefer the "H" harness, but the last two cats I had on harness and tie-out, (while in process of learning this was home), I doubled up an H with a "Step-In" or "Roman" xc as you call them, because they were wiley escape artists.

I guess a cats neck is extremely vulnerable to injury and they should never be on a leash with a collar because any tugging could be harmful. My cats also all wear safety release collars.
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Don't get the harness in the last picture, the blue one.....I had bought two of those for our kitties and I felt like they were being choked the entire time. It's just a loop so there is nothing to keep it from tightening up when your kitty pulls on it.

We have used a harnesss like the blue one with fish on it in your origional post. I think that one works nicely, but if you're going to use it as a tie-out I don't know how safe it is.

I always hate to see cats out on a tie-out unless they are suppervised or in a fenced yard. My anut's cat was always out on a harness and when she was 14 years old a dog came over and murdered the poor little cat. I'm terrified of that ever happening! Keep your kitty safe!
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YAY! thanks for ur advices!!
finally ive found time and money lol to buy Givi a harness!! check it out (the quality of the pictures is not great but still..) it has a little paws and bones all over the harness
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That looks nice and she looks very comfy in it. I just want to add that you shouldn't leave the harness on her all the time. If she's out and gets away she can get caught on/in the harness and could get into some serious trouble.
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he is an inside cat, so he wont be anywhere with harness on him anyways but thanks for advice!!
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It's a bit late for this thread really, but after doing some research I have bought a walking jacket ( Apparently it is very difficult for them to wriggle out of, and having more material on it makes it a bit more reasuring for the cat.

I'm only just introducing our kittens to it at the moment (they currently play dead when wearing it!), but I'll let people know how I get on.

Best wishes to all you cat walkers!
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Originally Posted by AZ<3Me View Post
YAY! thanks for ur advices!!
finally ive found time and money lol to buy Givi a harness!! check it out (the quality of the pictures is not great but still..) it has a little paws and bones all over the harness
Awww, looks so cute! Doesn't seem to mind it being on!! I am glad you got it! I have one almost just like that one! Excellent choice!
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I have an H harness for Nikita. You can see her modelling it here:

It has worked very well for us although now she barely fits into it. I'm barely able to close the loop around her belly without it being too tight. I may look into the dog harness mentioned. That could be the next step up for her.
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Sorry to bump an old post, but I'm considering getting a harness for Princess. Right now my idea is just to be able to have her outside with me on the porch so I can sit outside, though if it works well I may eventually take her on walks with me.

I measured her neck at about 7 1/2 inches and her belly at about 11 1/2 inches.. so she is fairly small. I want it to be comfortable, but I am paranoid about her getting out of it and running away.

Question is.. which is the most secure harness.. hardest for her to escape from? I was thinking the Roman style would be, but I wanted another opinion on it before I buy

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i think the one i bought for Givi is the perfect one. he is not a big cat for sure, and the harness stay loose on him, but theres no way he can escape
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