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The original and the new Tuffy,,

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Here is the original Tuffy,,

And the new TUFFY,, I finally have him all done.
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AWWW it is beautiful - a work of art and love What a great tribute to the Original Tuffy
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Hi, TUFFY's first pull is on the 19th of May, so I will get to finally see if I did good so the original Tuffy will be proud or if I have more work to do.

When we tested the engine a while back it was down on horse power some to the better tractors I will be pulling against, but I have done some more work to the engine since then to hopefully get me closer to the others for power.
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Hi, TUFFY ran real good for the first time out. I got 6th place in the afternoon show, I messed up some because I ran in the wrong gear so I would have done better.

In the night show I had TUFFY in the right gear and took 5th, I got knocked out of 4th place by only 1 foot.

I have some video but when I put it on photobucket and then post the link on here or email it to someone they never play back. I don't know what I am doing wrong, I don't have any problems with pictures through photobucket.
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what a great idea - well I bet Tuffy was looking down at you and having a little smile
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Here is the video from photobucket,
EDIT,,,, it works on my puter, can someone let me know if it plays on there puter? Thanks

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I can see it That little Tuffy can pull a lot!
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Hi, we took the motor home to the pull because we had one show in the afternoon and one at night. I have a big picture of Tuffy in the motor home and he spent so much time in there I feel like he was there with us on Saturday.
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Hi, Just a little update, I got 3rd place in the light class and a 5th place in the heavy class this last Sunday so I was very happy with that. I am getting TUFFY figured out better the more I pull him. I have someone that has pulled these things for at least 25 years now helping me out so that has speed-ed up my learning curve allot.

The best part is I got the 3rd and 5th in my old home town where I lived most of my life before I got married and a bunch of relation from Yvonne's side were there watch so they were happy for me also.
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Congrats!!! How wonderful - I am very happy for you, too
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What a sweet tribute to your little tabby boy -- he must be very proud! Is the portrait of him on the tractor done in paint?

And congratulations on your wins!
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Hi, They are decals designed by gizmocat who is or was a member on this site. I am very great full to gizmocat for taking the time and trouble to do the decals for me. The decals originally had a green background but to make the one fit on the left side I had to cut Tuffy's picture out of most of the background. I think they still look great on there though. I have 2 more decals in case something would happen and I would have to replace one of them.

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Congrats on your finishes Tom!! That Tuffy is powered by love!
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A new pic of TUFFY. A couple weeks after the pull after I did so good I busted the rear end gears, twisted both rear axles, and twisted a shaft in the transmission, so all the fun I had at my old home town I payed for at the next pull. This picture is at the pull I busted up the rear end, I knew it was wounded on this run but it held together, at the night show I didn't go 10 ft and the gears let go.

I am going to a pull with a different club on Sept 29 and 30, I got the rear end and trans fixed up enough for one more time, then this winter I am going to take rear end all apart to fix things right.
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