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Antibiotics and pregnant cat??

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Can anybody help me. My bengal is about 4 weeks pregnant and she started getting a runny tummy. i took her to the vets on tuesday and he confirmed her pregnancy but then went on to give her an antibiotic injection and put her on antibiotic tablets for her tummy ..aswell as worming her.
i am concerned as since then i have been looking on the internet and have been able to find very little information about giving pregnant cats antibiotics and what i have found has said not to do it...or to worm them.
Im not sure what to do ...should i continue with the course of antibiotics as my vet prescribed? does anybody know the effects antibiotics can have on pregnant cats? the antibiotic is 50mg synulox to be given twice daily.
any help is much appreciated!
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hi and welcome to TCS.
i know with fluffy (shes pregnant) in the first since she was about 2 weeks pregnant she was on antibiotics for 3 weeks due to a UTI , but the vet did say there might be problems with the kittens due to her having 1 course of antibiotics then after they were done had to have another round of AB. but im sure i have heard certine AB is ok.
im suprised that he gave her antibiotics for a tummy upset though . they normally suggest giving boiled chicken for 24-48 hours. did he say what was wrong with her?
also with the worming this can be done while pregnant with a safe one for pregnant cats. what was it called?
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My Olivia is on Synulox for mild mastitis (she's already had the babies). I'm just posting here as my vet said it was one of the few antibiotics that does not affect kittens when nursing. I DONT know if that's the same case when the kittens are still inside the mother. Just thought Id mention it.

If a vet has prescribed something for your cat and you are happy with that vet, its best to take their advice and finish the course. They know what they are doing (well they should do!). If you have concerns, why not ring your vet and air your concerns over the phone. They should be able to answer your queries, reassure you if the course of anitbiotics is ok for your pregnant cat and any side effects for the kittens (dont forget to ask that).

Good luck with your bengal's pregnancy. I hope the runny tummy clears up soon.
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I agree, if you are at all concerned just phone the vet and get them to confirm to you its all ok with the pregnancy to be using these antibiotics and wormer. Hopefully they will know what they are doing but i can understand your concern, i'd be the same!
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