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Who has the most

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Cats in TCS?

There was an interesting question posed quite recently and I admitted that the person with the most cats would be me.

So, fess up - how many cats do you really have???
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I *only* have 10 right now
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I have 7 but they are all fosters and 6 are kittens. So I already loose.
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I 'only' have 6
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'Only' five.
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1 girl and 3 boys.
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I was reading a post the other day of a member that had 28! I'll have to see if I can find it.
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I have 11!
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I have 8 if you count the four kittens that we will find forever homes for in about 5 more weeks.
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4 and I can barely handle them all. So no more for me!
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6 here, and 7 if u count the feral (willies best friend)!
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We have six:

4 of them (2 boys, 2 girls) own my parents...
2 of them (1 boy, 1 girl) own me, and will go with me when I move back to my apartment.
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I know I don't Only have 2 (unless you want to count Keno as a cat - she thinks she is)

The most I've had is 9 (I think) - was when I had Lady (rex) and her 6 kittens and 2 other HHPs.

Usually I only count adult cats that are not leaving - never kittens cause they were gone to new homes by 4 - 5 months old. I put my personal limit to never more then 6 adult cats (not counting litters).
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I only have 2. I can't imagine having more because I can bearly keep up with the litter box, vacuuming, feeding, cleaning up hair balls, playing, lovings and brushings for just them. The 2 cats I have are very time consuming and I can't see myself trying to stretch myself and my time between any more.
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We currently have 20 cats/kittens living inside of our house. John and I have our "original" group (Tabitha, Spooky, Leo, Sasha & Olive), little Spike, new momma Missy, Sasha's 5 kittens + 2 "adopted kittens", and Missy's 4 kittens... plus John's dad's 2 cats Stranger & Grabat (Stranger is outside most of the day though)... and we've got at least one barn cat.
When it's all said and done we'll have Tabby, Spooky, Leo, Sasha, Spike, and we're keeping 2 kittens. Missy and most of the kittens are going to new homes and unfortunately Olive is also going to a new home due to agression issues... she's going to a great home this weekend with no other cats, which is what she needs.
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I have 6 indoor kitties, 2 strays we feed, and 1 semi feral (I guess you can count him in as one the permanent ones lol... he's my baby. )
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At my most I had 11 (including fosters) in my house. Which was a bit crazy...but tons of love (and tons of poop!!). I'm back to just my 2 babies now...i hope when I have more space to get a few more though!!
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I have the least amount of cats
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At one time in the mid 1980s we had over 30 indoor/outdoor cats. The advantages of living in a rural area... (But which is not so rural anymore. )
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I have 8 right now- my four little kitties and my 4 foster kittens.
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I have 5, but technically only two are really mine. The rest belong to my parents.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
I have 8 right now- my four little kitties and my 4 foster kittens.
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I think Amber the Bobcat wins for "Who has the most cats" in weight...
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I only have two, though at one time I had as many as five, but that was years ago.
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