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Help please!!

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Hi, need some advice. My girl maisie gave birth on the 8th/9th. Today i noticed she loos a bit sore and red 'down there' and when i just went in now to check theres a small drop blood on the vetbed. Does she need the vet, any ideas what this could be?! I am thinking i will phone now and just ask.
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She should be fine - probably just from delivering. If there is any strong bad smell or there is green, then she needs to see a vet pronto - green means retained after birth - dangerous!
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no, nothing green or smelly, just fresh red blood. She is slightly off her food since the babies, but nothing major. I'll keep an eye, just a nervous first time mum!!!!
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a small amount of blood for the first 10 days after delivery is fine , if it does get a lot more or you do get really worried then phone the vet and ask there advice.
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How's Maisie now? Fingers crossed this is all normal post delivery symptoms. Did you call the vet? If so, What did they say?
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Hi yes, i did call the vet just to be on the safe side....i am such a worrier

she said same as you guys not to worry too much unless there was a lot or funny colour or any signs of mastitis etc.

Her appetite perked up a bit tonight too, so i am happier!

Kitties have all gained weight today too, yey!
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Yah Glad everything's going well! Keep us posted!
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