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I am very worried

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I didnt really think anything was a problem with the kitties untill last week...

I have been noticing an ongoing behaviour between Kaylee and Teufel since we discovered his UTI.

When one sits on my lap, the other gets jealous and shoots the other cat evil looks.
They have been play fighting more than usual lately, and I see lumps of black furr around the house. Kaylee is sure beating Teufel up.

A couple of days ago, i noticed a scratch on Kaylees ear, Not deep but long enough, she didnt want me to touch the area for a day, now its fine and healed.

This morning while i was cuddling teufel, I noticed a big chunk of fur missing from under his chin! I am really shocked!

I have also noticed that Kaylee just constantly attacks him and bites him on his back, he just wants to be left alone but when she annoys him he goes at her and hurts her. It looks like that Kaylee has to always have to have the Last word.

They still sleep together and groom each other, but i am indeed worried.

Any suggestions?

T&K are going to the vet next week for their annual shots so its not a worry.
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Fwan I am sorry to hear that. Maybe some feliway will help calm them some.
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Just make sure your giving them both equal amount of attention, and yes feliway may help you! Good luck!
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