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Mothering instinct

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Hi everyone just thought i would share this with you as it has mad me giggle. Since Smudge had her babies on tuesday her mothering instinct has been very strong but not just towards her kittens. She has started to round up my children (aged 1 and 3) and will try to take care of them, it's very sweeet. Every time the youngest cries Smudge abandons her baby and comes running meowing and getting guite stressed at times. She will sit by my feet and lick my son or rub herself against him trying to make him stop crying. Once he's stops she looks at me as if to say How dare you upset him and then runs of back to her babies. It's so funny to watch.
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aw bless her heart. thats so sweet.
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Oh my gosh, Butterball did that with my daughter the few days leading up to her giving birth. If Amber would scream (just from seeing something on tv or when she was playing) Butterball would come running at top speed and start to rub up against her and lick her. I knew that her babies had to be coming soon with this behavior.
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aww thats sooo sweet i love that that made my day to hear that what a good momma lol thats how my mother in laws dog (the momma dog) acts when my kitten cries, she is soo concererd and looks at me like what are you doing thats my baby and she gives the kittens kisses to help it stop crying its adorable
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fluffy is due at any time and she has taken on the role with one of annes kittens she will lay with candy for ages just washing her. annes starting the distance thing with her kittens at the moment so candy is all for it lol.
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Isn't it funny they are such sensitive animals, with so much love to give.
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That's sweet. One of my boys (Beandip) has a very strong motherly instinct. One example is Precious - she has a heart problem, so sometimes she gets short of breath and coughs. When it happens, Beandip comes running to check on her and lick her head. It's very cute.
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Aw Smudge - you yummy mummy!
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