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I think my cats in labour, she's about 2 years old, she's dripping a few bits of blood and there was like a string of blood hanging down from her she's also acting like she's in heat
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what do you mean blood? was it a pinkish discharge? if yes then this may be the mucus plug. how far along did you think she was?
also calm down. if it was red blood i would speak to a vet.
if everything seems to be going ok , let her go to her birthing place , she will know what to do this is a great link below.
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I'd check with the vet. If she's acting like in heat and you see blood, she may have miscarriaged.

As soon as possible you need to get her spayed so if she's NOT pregnant, she remains that way.
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What do you mean by "acting like she's in heat"? Do you mean she's acting overly affectionate and meowing a lot? Both of my girls did that the day they delivered... almost drove me a little crazy at times because they wouldn't leave me alone for a second, lol. When Sasha was in her crate, she'd even try to grab the other cats as they walked past and pull them in with her... poor girl.
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She went to the toilet and afterwards there was like a pink lump thing in the litter tray is that a mucas plug? yeah she's being very affectionate wont let me leave her and meowing alot, shes also cleaning down there alot aswell
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yes that sounds like her mucus plug.it could be a few mins or it could be 48 hours yet , but it should be soon.
anne sort of showed signs of being in heat about 24 hours before labour started . i take it she is due?
good luck , and please keep us updated on her progress.
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Good luck with the impending birth..sounds like it will be soon.
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