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Why does my cat 'walk' on my lap?

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Hello all,

This is our second cat - her name is Annie. Both her, and our previous cat, Patches, did this awkward behavior where they'll jump up on my laptop and with their front paws, they'll sort of walk in place, and purr. I noticed that Annie will even do that to a pile of blankets occasionally.

Can anyone tell me what that means? I'm guessing they've gone into some sort of a trance. -Jeff
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Its called kneading. It is something they learn as a nursing kitten. I think it helps stimulate momma milk to be produced. Its a sign of affection.
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Cats that do that are looking for nipples to pop out.

Milk Treading, I think it's called?

I used to call it "making biscuits". Dusty milk treads/kneads SO MUCH, she actually drools... looks very intense.

She never finds nipples, though.

I think kittens do it to their momma's bellies to get the milk flowing... and the habit stays with them for good.
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We used to call it "Making their bed" same as saying "taking a bath" when they'd groom themselves. I always saw kneading as a cat's way of softening the blankets she wants to lie down on, but now I'm of the understanding that it's a comforting thing for them. My girls only knead right before lying down to nap, and I see that they do it when they're absolutely calm and relaxed. They also usually purr while they do it (the absolute best sign that kneading makes them happy, lol), but Buffy won't purr if just one thing goes wrong (barking out Jake's name, when the big bad dog is doing something naughty, lol). She'll knead, and slobber into the blanket, but she won't purr.
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Thank you, everybody! I appreciate the information. I think I understand now. - Jeff
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Yes, they have accepted you as their "mama".

Kinda wish some cats would knead spots that wouldn't hurt so much.
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