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very CONCERNED about my kitten

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long story but here it goes well since yest. my kitten who will be 3 weeks towmorow, has been very lazy not like himself usually he is climbing all over the place(when out of his box) running around on the floor and chasing my hand, but yest. he just ate and slept and didnt play but when i put him on the bed to play with him he would just lay there and snuggle with the pillow. well today i woke up and he was sleepy and i put him on my chest adn he went back to sleep and my boyfriend asked why he wasnt moving and screaming like he usually does and i sayd i think he is sleepy and he picked my kitten up placed him ont he floor to see if he would walk like normal and his whole right side just kept collapsing and his right paw was tucked under so he picked him up and sayd he couldnt realy feel a heart beat and he wasnt breathing strong so i freaked and immedialty started to cry, we called the vet and she sayd to give him pedialyte and to bring him in 2 the vet. were puuting our shoes on and he just started to act normal walking and meowing like nuts thank god so we called the vet adn she sayd itd be best to just monitor him and if we have anymore probs to bring him in, now he is asleep and i keep checking on him and he pooks his head up and meows

has this ever happend to any of you? was he just very lazy and sleepy? im so worried
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im sorry i dont have any advice to give you . if you get conceren again then take the vets advice and take him up there. other then that keep an eye on him. and also happy birthday x
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Yes, it has happened with two of my six kittens and scared the living daylights out of me. I thought they were gonners for good.
My advice is to really stay on top of getting him/her hydrated. With mine I kind of force fed them Karo Syrup and had some Nutri-cal that I got into them. From what I understand it's easy for kittens to get hypoglycemic, meaning low blood sugar. It can kill them, but if you catch it in time I guess sometimes not. I was very fortunate. You can see my paniced posts if you look far back enough!!
I'd still take him to the vet to get checked out. If he/she is dehydrated they can easily give him or her a sub-q (under the skin) injection of fluid to perk it up. Also, if there is an infection or worms they can easily address those.
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okay but why do yo uthink he would be dhydrated i mean i stay on top of feeding him feeding him every four that not enough? i just dnt know wat to i start giving him pedialyte adn his kmr? or just one?

im so worried now =( i checked to se if he was dehydrated you kno by pulling the skin on is back thing and he seems fine no signs of it and his gums are pink. maybe im just not cut out for this. i fell terrible
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if he does seem to be dhydrated then still feed the kmr , and maybe give the pedialyte twice a day. but i would wait for someone else to second that before you do it.
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One thing I did was add some karo syrup to the formula (not much, just a bit). It can give them diarreah, which doesn't help!
I think the best bet is to take little one to the doctor!
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aw dont feel bad , your doing everything you can to care for this little one , your an angel for that.
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A vet check would be ideal I think. Has he had his temperature taken? If his temperature is normal and he seems 'back to normal' then its a case of monitoring him and carrying out what the vet suggested. But when it comes to kittens I prefer the vet to check things like that (as its easier on the kitten and more accurate than me doing it). As others have pointed out, the vet can also see if its worms or any other problem.

Good luck and keep us posted
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I agree with Minxie, a vet visit would probably be best and if nothing else it will put your mind at rest. it sounds like you're worried, so it is really best to check out whats going on. Theres not going to be any harm done by giving KMR so i would do so if he seems dehydrated, but u say hes eating and drinking ok so seems unlikely. Hope you get some answers or he just bounces back to normal
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I'd take him to the vet for a once over, just to be sure he's fine (my vet saw me a lot with Smoochie at that age ). Kittens can get dehydrated pretty quickly- I had one that I had to take in for sub-q's, even though he was eating as well as his 2 brothers, and they were all starting to wean. You're doing fine . It's a tough job!
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well he went to the vet and she cant pin point whats wrong with him but the just born formula i feed him doesnt have as much fat ad nutrients as kmr, so she sayd to switch him to that she gave me a free can of kmr and a free can of prescripton wet food =) the ladys were soo sweet and after he got sugar water and fatty foods he is back to meowing and trying to run around but were keeping his activites limited to bed and eating and keeping a close eye on him. he seems so much stronger and back to normal i hope =) im just praying he makes it =) he seems way better tho
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Oh, thank goodness. Keep us posted on how he is doing.
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You did good! It is a relief when the vet is able to make sure things are going okay. They really do need the fat and nutrients at that age - they are growing quickly. Please keep us updated on this little guy
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well he is doing better but im not positive he is 100% better. but he is back to meowing and trying to climb out his box i was so scared i cried the whole way to the vet adn the whole time there. i love the ladys at the vet they helped me and my boyfriend so much, we didnt have a whole lot of money to spend on his treatment and we explaineed it to them and they were so understanding and we only paid for the visit and they gave me free kmr a whoe new thing adn pres. wet food adn syringes thank god for them, im going to get them a card towmorrow and sendit to them from our family =) im still worried sick tho, constantly checking on him and terrified ill find him not breathing im praying for the best though
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That's good news. When you are doing the best you can do for him (which you seem to be ), the rest is really up to how healthy he is to begin with . Hang in there!
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