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the Daily Thread TGIF May 11th

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Friday is here!

Not much going on here, nice warm weather. Work today, then it's off for the weekend. No plans there, maybe some yardwork.

How about we take the advice from today's holiday and just sit around?

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evening everyone already 8pm Friday night here
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A great celebration!

Well - Gary and I were up all night working on what he's going to say at the official first morning meeting at the firm. We also spent a couple of hours looking up stuff on the Net we needed to know for two companies. He was going to just phone in for the morning meeting with the brokers, because his first company meeting isn't until noon. But he saw no point in trying to get 1 1/2 hours sleep - which is difficult for him anyway. So he decided to shower and head into the city.

Of course I forgot about the water problem in the house, used the other bathroom and flushed the toilet. He got scalded - and then the water pressure dropped to zero. He had to jump out of the shower, stood there for like five minutes while the pressure came back and the temp got back to normal. I felt sooooo terrible!

We're both zombified, so of course it took forever to get all his stuff together and get him out of here. He left about five minutes ago, which means he isn't going to beat the morning rush and he's going to sit in traffic.

So my plan for the day? Ignore all the boxes we haven't unpacked, lie down and go to sleep. I'm hoping for 8 hours! Think the cats will let me?

It's hot and thunderstorming here. This is weather we normally get in August, not May!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Good morning everyone, coffee is ready.
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Laurie those boxes will still be there tomorrow, so no worries about that, SIT!!!

It's freezing here today It's been raining and were expecting more, but the garden and plants need it.

I so need the nose bag on right now because i'm hungry for some reason?. I've got an hour to wait though
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I am so glad that today is Friday. The kids at the day care have been horrible. We are busy too practicing for our end of the year program which is next Wednesday and Thursday.

I think this might be a drinking weekend for me.
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Gotta get ready to go greet the little rug rats, I hope everyone here has a great day, C U when I get home this evening.

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It's 9pm here in Oz. Almost the weekend. Tristans coming over tomorrow to help with ideas for a cat run so Chuckie doesn't go stir crazy. Then lots of presents for Mother's Day Sunday.
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A day of unpacking for me too, yesterday they moved all the boxes I packed on Wednesday so I get to unpack them all (or at least the important stuff) today

I am so with the TGIF thing
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Good Mooooooooooooorning!!

Well Neet, we made it through the WHOLE week with me blinding you with my chicken legs..

Today is no exception We managed to have a whole week of nice weather and the weekend its continuing

I'll be blinding the guests at my cousins wedding tomorrow too

P.S. Trout just made herself comfortable on my lap, and I can't beleive how much I love her Its like she was made especially to fit into my lap..I am on
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It's a dreary overcast day outside, but inside the sun is shining because MY ARISTOTLE IS HOME!!!!!
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He everyone - I am feeling weepy today and don't feel much like working (see my thread on needing vibes).

Not much planned for the weekend - I think my parents are dropping by tomorrow (they will be in town to see my dad's mom who lives in a senior's home). Other then that - nothing.

Hope everyone has a good day.
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Morning all! It's cloudy today and going to rain. Dh is home so we can paint mom's house but he won't stop talking to me. I am not a morning person. Someone shut him up. LoL
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Sunny but cooler today. Mom and dad are coming tomorrow so that means I have to ..yes... clean the house!! Got a good start I'm taking a break now.
Been putting lots of salve on my finger and lots of dead skin came off but now its really tender!! If I wouldn't have banged it on Mon and Tues it should have been healed up!!
Going to a plant sale later this afternoon and then grocery shopping-might stop in and see my SIL too.
Have a good day everyone!!
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Morning's a great day, Aristotle is home YAY, and today is my Daddy's B-day he's 72 I miss him and love him so much, he lives 800 miles from here
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
It's a dreary overcast day outside, but inside the sun is shining because MY ARISTOTLE IS HOME!!!!!
Not been on for a while and only just saw this, great news

I have the weekend off but the English football league officially ends so it will be marked by a sadness only a sports fan could understand
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