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New Cute Kittens! Help needed!

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So me and my flatmate acquired two new kittens yesterday. They are adorable little tortoishells, both boys and both 8-10 weeks.

Kitten one says:

(Yes, he's a keyboard walker).

Anyway, we have everything we need - we think. Litter tray, litter, food bowls, water bowl, bed (which they don't use), wormer and kitten food.

Kitten number one (they aren't yet named) is fine, he is curious and roaming, he approaches people, meows a lot and hunts flies.

Kitten number two is the problem. He is extremely shy and scared. He won't come near anyone, even if that means missing breakfast. If you move while he is near - he runs. I am worried if we do not resolve this soon - he will stay like this for ever as he won't receive any conditioning as a kitten.

I need some advice on how to tame the little guy - he isn't violent - just extremely nervous.

Any advice would be wonderful.

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All I can think of is (based on my own experiences)l :

1) have the kittens been vet checked? - there may be a reason (ilness/injury) why he is so shy to the point he is missing out on food which the vet can ascertain

2) Time, love and trust - my Gizmo was like as shy as anything and avoided us at all costs at first. Thats because its a new environment, new people and he was unsure. Within a day or two of leaving food out for him and giving him the time to explore, he realised all was safe and he became the best cat anyone could ever ask for over time.

3) Are you allowing the kittens the free run of the house/flat? Might be wise for the first week to keep them one room to allow them to settle easier.

4) Once you are getting the kitty to eat (and not miss meals) and you are sure his health is ok - thats the key thing...get some toys..e.g. teasers like Da Bird. what alert, healthy kitten cannot refuse toys?! It will be a case of 'tempting' the kitten to play..when he does...a breakthrough! let him play and then move away slowly and see if he gradually comes towards you.

5) If all fails, you could try Feliway. Its a diffuser and spray which releases a pheremone which calms cats. Its useful if making cats less nervous and just calming them down. Its available at vets, pet stores and ebay.
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I just wanted to mention that if they are tortoiseshells... it's highly unlikely that they are boys. Calicos and Torties are almost always females.
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Thanks for the replies!

I will work through your list Minxie!

They will be going to vet on the 20th for what I believe is their first checkup.

What we are doing at the moment is just giving him time and space. The nervy one is also mostly confined to one room (he chooses not to leave) while I let the other roam - he is perfectly fine and contentedly napping under my lamp at the moment.

I was just worried that if we continued to just leave him alone that we would continue his antisocial behaviour but you have comforted me a little in that respect.

As for gender....I'm not entirely sure if they are tortishell..they might just be tabby? They are stripey brown and dark brown/black. But the strips very prominent and thick...will they develop more stripes as they get older? That how tabbys work?
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yes sounds like a tabby , if they had a reddish/orange colour in with there markings then they would probley be females, but you do get the odd male from time to time.
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Nope. Not red or orange. The browns actually have a more 'grey' hue to them. Guess they are male then.
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If they are dark color brownish with black stripes, they are brown tabby boys - that makes more sense.

Tortoiseshells would have black and red (orange) markings. And no, the stripes will be the same as a kitten as an adult.

Post some pictures of them when you can
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Will do!

Post pictures that is.
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If the shy one is on his own, you can try standing away (near the room entrance) and just say nice reassuring things in a calm sweet voice...keep doing it every now and then and see what his reaction is?

Just trying to think of things that might help lol. Some times settling in takes a while.

If his behaviour remains 'odd' and he continuously seems unhappy, might be worth bringing that vet appointment forward. He could be in pain or feeling miserable from worms, for example.

He is eating regularly and his poop is ok? I think they are the key things - someone with more experience may be able to advise you more as I can only go by my experiences with my cats/kittens

And look fwd to pics!
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