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just an up date on fluffy.

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well were at day 64 , she had a tiny amount of discharge this morning , but other then that nothing. she seems to be doing well.
i do have a question though , she hasnt been wanting me stroking her , so i dont think she will want me there at the birth. so far with the pregnant cats iv had/looked after iv been there from start to finish, and only had a few problems which i sorted quickly. but what if fluffy has a problem ? if she wont want me there atall do you think she will still allow me in the same room if i keep my distance? just in case any problems do arise?
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aww good luck with fluffy cant wait to see her babies i hope all goes well
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Good luck that all goes well.

This is one to play carefully by ear perhaps. When she is in labour...maybe positioning yourself not directly infront of her but near so you can observe what is going on. Im not sure that resistance to stroking is a sign that she will not be ok if you near. It just sounds like she doesnt want fussing over. So perhaps observing from nearby (as close as fluffy will let you get) is best?
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thanx all, and your probley right minxie.
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You might find she's not so worried when shes in labour. Maisie didn't want people to stroke her the 2 days before she gave birth, but was very much willing to let me help in th birth and kept rubbing on me and stuff. Keep us updated, and good luck!
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I got lucky with both of my girls... they let me stay with them, and they wouldn't have it any other way. If I had to leave them for any reason, even for a second, they threw a fit. They both wanted the other cats and my German Shepherd around too. I kept the other cats away but allowed the dog to sit there with me... it made the girls happy and relaxed.
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awww thats cute, can just imagine the dog sat there. I kept our other cats out, but chloe my big girl cam in the next day and sat with Maisie and admired her kitties!
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hi there Tasha - well I can see you are doing your normal concerned mum bit you are a treasure with your mums-to-be As Mel said just being close by will be the best thing ....and you never know its probably just how Fluffy is at the moment...

keep us posted !
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thanx everyone, it dosnt get any easier weather its a rescue mum or now my own. god iv had headache for the last 2 days that wont budge lol gotta stop worrying. i just wish she didnt have to go through the hole pregnancy thing.
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hi there , hope all goes well for you . good luck louise x
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Good luck with everything Tasha! I'm sure you'll do just fine when the time comes!

Come on Fluffy!
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