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I didn't play enough with Nikita yesterday

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..and boy did she let me know.

Minor backstory, Nikita is my 15 month female Bengal cat. I live alone, work full time and she's an only cat. Doesn't sound like a situation that'd work but it does because I really love her and am commited to playing with her lots every day. I've rearranged my flat to be better for her (including rotating paper boxes, a permament ladder in front of a tall window in the livingroom etc.)

Anyway yesterday I zoned out while painting in the computer and was really on a roll so I didn't play as much with her as usually. I played with her but probably only for an hour or so in total.

So at 4:30am I got woken up by Nikita, she was running like mad all over the house and my bed, then started digging in my duvet trying to get at my toes. When that didn't work she went after my elbows, biting and wanting to do the rabbit kick thing. I was still half asleep and just tried to burrow in my duvet.

She didn't stop however so it wasn't until I'd woken up abit more and hissed at her when she was about to go bite again, she didn't give up quit yet so there were a few more hisses (from me) until she understood I was not having fun and wen't off to run around the living room some more and I got back to sleep.

This morning she was very cuddly and purry and sweet and she was wanting to just snooze some more when I was getting ready for work but I didn't let her, i.e brought out the toys and played with her for a bit before heading in to work.

So yeah I have several cat-teeth marks on my elbows now, she didn't break the skin though so it's just red marks.

Just to reiterate though I don't blame her at all for this, it's all my fault for not having tired her out properly yesterday. I usually do and something like this is very much not the norm, it's working quite well for us living together.
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aww sweet Nikita just wanted some mum-time
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It sounds like she is a never ending source of excitement. I can tell how much you love her just by your post!
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