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Your Long Gone & Buried Threads......

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I was wondering about the threads that have come and gone and thinking about the
ones that have meant something to me or effected me in some way and these
are the ones that have.....for their own reasons

This one was about little Oscar who had been bitten by a dog and he fought so hard
to live.... his life really touched my soul.


This one is about a cat that Lillekat trapped and this I found so heartbreaking this was
the first time I couldn't even reply to because this was my worst nightmare that
someone else had to deal with....


and this one was Little Merlin he had a hard time in life and for my own reasons
my heart went out to him.When I saw his plight I thought something could be
done to help the little fella but time was not on his side.


I just want to say thank you for helping these kitties that have touched my heart

and I would like to ask you to post your links to the threads that have touched you,
pleased you or you think they are so funny...the threads that have made you
laugh....made you cry....or just even lightened up your day

It doesn't matter if it's your own thread about anything....it's what it means to YOU
.....please post it

ps nothing scandalous please
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I recently resurrected this one hoping that Michele would find her way back to TCS to give us an update. This thread was actually started before the crash in 2004, and so many of us got involved in her rescue of Penguin that a new thread got started after the original thread lost everything...

Poor Pengy Thread is gone...

There have just been so many. Quite a few of them from MA's crew.

The worst, for me, was the kitty that got us involved in rescue to begin with, Booger. I think we originally called her Rocki. I don't even want to go looking for those threads because it's too painful.

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