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help................... my cat has a problem...........

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hello, i have a persian cat, she is about 8 years old, she is neutered.

a couple of months ago this started, out of the blue she started pooping all over the house, it was liquidy and slimy poop, and sometimes some blood came with it.
before this happened i put some drain cleaner in the bath tub, she went in to there for a short period of time, but she was on the other side of the tub, she didn't really get close to the stuff.
then i took her 2 the vet, he gave her a shot against worms and some antibiotics. then about a month past and it happened again... and this time it was much worse.

well, this time i took her 2 a different vet. he looked at her and said that her problem is nutrition, her hair didn't look shiny and she had some dry and flaky skin. he said about the blood that it was probably just a wound next to her but, because the blood looks fresh and it doesn't look internal.
he told me to start giving her more regular meal and more types of food (till now she only got dry food- pro plan, that is special for fur) and to give her olive oil and vitiamin drops each day. i stared doing that and everything did get better, her appatite, fur, and no pooping.

well, now i don't really give her the oil, but she still eats wet food and dry. and now about everymonth the problem re-appears for about 4 days, this time i think the blood is in her pee, she doesn't poop anymore, just pees...

i don't know what to do... help.............................
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Did the vet DO BLOODWORK???

if not you need to have that done , with a kitty of this age it is commonly called a senior panel ... it covers kidney, liver and other organ function...

Pro plan has some good formulas but NONE would I consider GOOD for skin and coat

Welcome to TCS
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Yes, more testing needs to be done on this kitty! Even if it were "just a wound," which I doubt, it should have healed long ago.

You say it happens about once a month, and you mention the drain cleaner... are you using that once a month, too? Is there anything else happening in the house that corresponds to these bouts of trouble for your kitty?

I wonder if you should try a different vet, for a second opinion...
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Does your kitty have a full coat? I would suggest a shave around the butt area to keep things clean. They accidently infect themselves when they self clean.
I would also suggest switching foods to another brand like the vet said. There are so many good brands out there. There are also kitty vitamins for additional nutrients.

The blood in the pee isn't normal- a panel should be done to make sure there isn't an infection.
I hope everything is ok!
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