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Group Hug

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I just went to find Demetri and he's cuddled up with Kennelly (the tabby & white) and Boris

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Awwwwwwwwwwwww that is so sweet my babys cuddle like that too it heart melting
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That is just too cute, I wanna just go and cuddle up right with thme they are just too cute
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Oh my goodness, do they all love each other or what!, so precious
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awwww, I just said "awwww" out loud here... that is the sweetest thing ever! I wish mine would do that.... Lucky & Louie once in a blue moon will sleep butt to butt.... but if I walk in they get up real quick like they don't want me to know they love each other...
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Awww that is just precious...that never happens here
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Awww, they are gonna miss their little brother when he leaves for Canada
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Aww, I love seeing kitties cuddeling!
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Awwww. It's a cuddlefest!
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Can I join them? They look so sweet and adorable that I just want to hug them all!
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That is an awesome pic!!!
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Oh my, how they all each other!! How cuuuuuuute and snuggley!
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Awwwwwwww, how sweet!

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Awww that is just precious...that never happens here
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great pic.
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aww bless so sweet!!
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Oh how beautiful! That is a picture to treasure
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Thats too cute!
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