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Can I add a kitten

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I first had an awesome tortie, that I adopted at six weeks from a shelter. For ten years she lived with me then I adopted a five year old Schnauser. The dog drove the cat away from her food until one day the cat had enough and beat the crap out of the dog. I am talking about beard hair in her claws, and a pup with a split lip and nostril. The dog required stitches. After that day when ever the cat approached the dog, the dog froze, and would not make eye contact with the cat. In the mean time I got a rot/golden puppy mix dog. Cat gave him a beating as a pup when he dared to get too close to her. As a result he learned to give the cat wide berth. This awesome cat died last year when she was 13 years old, and I trully miss her spunk. My children keep asking me when we will get a new cat, and my daughter has a specific 7 week old kitten she's chosen from a neighbors litter. I have dogs that have dealt with cats, but I am hinky about how or if I should introduce a kitten into the mix. Schnausers are tenacious, and I don't know if I should get a kitten, or just adopt a full grown cat....with claws.
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7 weeks is too young for a kitten to be away from mum, they need to stay with her until 10 weeks at the minimum, best is 12 weeks.

I don't know about Schnausers specifically but to introduce the dogs, have them in a sit/stay with a lead on while the kitten explores the room. It's also helpful if the dogs know the command 'leave it' so you can get them to leave the kitten alone.

You can also crate the dogs while the kitten explores around them.

If you go with an adult, it's probably best to get one already used to dogs, the shelter should be able to advise you on that.
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With those type of dogs, you probably should adopt an older kitten or young cat that knows dogs. The dogs will respect the cat, but the cat has to be more in charge - a kitten under 10 weeks old might not have that ability/knowledge.

Besides 7 weeks is too young to be taken from mom/siblings.
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I agree. When I adopted both of those dogs, the schnauser as an adult, and the rott/golden as a puppy, my cat was full grown, had claws, and had dealt with dogs in the past. It took her some time but she eventually brought the schnauser to her way of thinking. as for the other dog, she gave him several swats as a pup and he grew up to respect her status in the household. A kitten however would not have those skills. I trully miss having a cat in my life but have to agree that an adult cat with experience dealing with dogs would fare better. My only concern with the kittens in question is that they are in a very bad situation (hoarder atmosphere). I have learned from a neighbor however that he has notified the appropriate agencies to deal with the matter. The kittens mom is not yet a year old, and several of the kittens have already died b/c of respitory issues. Neighbors and I have offered money for vet care to the owner, yet she is resistant to our help.
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