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Miss Maui had her babies!!

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She had them while I was at work. She cut two umbilical cords and left the other two, I am about to cut them I am just looking up where to do that at.

What I am wondering is this... she is filthy, bloody and her hair is dirty and sticky. Can I bath her to clean it off or not yet??? I think that is my only question FOR NOW!

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thats great everything went so well. regarding the bathing , she should clean herself up , it takes a while but she will do it. if not and you feel she will be ok to bathe then i dont see why you couldnt , just make sure she is dry before putting her back with her babies. or as someone once suggested to me try a baby wipe.
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heh ok thanks, she was't cleaning herself really, at 2:30 am I finally just cleaned her up in the bathtub. She wasn't completely dry when she went back to the babies, but I wanted to go to bed

everything is fine now, thanks!
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thats good. thanx for the update , how are they all doing?
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seem to be doing just fine! I will get pictures posted asap!
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thank you cant wait to see the pictures.
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I'm so glad she had a healthy litter. What do they look like? I can't wait to see pics.
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Glad all went well. Four babies, right? Look forward to seeing pics!
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awww how cute are those babys. they are beautiful.
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Aww, they are so sweet! Maui looks content.
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I know, she is probably exhausted. She was SO BIGGGG!!!

I will need to strat trying to line up homes for these babies. Maui already has a home, for once the mother is already adopted and the babies are the one's I need to advertize!
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Mini George!! My grandma's cat looks like this one!! They are all adorable!! And yes, mom cat should clean herself up.
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she didn't really clean herself, I helped her and wet her back end in the bathtub, she was wonderful by the way!

Haha! Mini George is a cute little name for that gray one! George or Georgia if it is the girl, I can't remember which is which...
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they are the cutest arnt they and wow 4 babies wot a lovely mum she is cuddling up with them all i have fallen in love with all the lovely mums and babies on this site now i cant keep away x
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Congratulations! The babies are adorable!
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It's nice to hear mom has a home!! This is the kitty that someone brought you from the shelter, right?
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Yes from the pound, she was brought to be put down because she was preggo.

I named the white one Truman, the tabby and white one Thomas, the grey one Georgia and the darkest male's name hasn't come to me yet.
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