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Pregnant Stray

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Hi everyone. I just adopted a pregnant stray. We have 2 other cats, strays also,and have had up to 7. But we have never had a pregnant cat. She is about 4 weeks along and the vet said she is in good health. She's only been in the house for 3 days, so she's understandably skiddish with the other cats. I am wondering, though, if she will be leary of the other cats more because she is pregnant? Also, she doesn't do anything but eat and sleep. Is this normal at 4 weeks? Thanks for any advice!
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Welcome to to the site, you've certainly come to the right place we have lots of experienced members who can help on all matters for 'moms-to-be'

The new pregnant will (what have you called her) will be a bit scared of your other cats, she's been a stray and going into a new environment will be all a bit different for her, then if you add cats to this change then - wow - can you imagine - like first day at school and we all remember how that was

Best, if possible, to keep her separate to start with then slowly introduce her to your existing cats.

She will sleep and eat a lot, did the vet advise you to feed a good quality kitten food, she'll need that now for the nutrition of the babies and herself of course

Anyway do keep us posted and if you have any more questions just jump right in
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Hi and welcome to TCS.
first of all thank you for taking her in and caring for her. i agree with mooficat keep her seprated for a while . and make sure there is no way for her to go back outside as she may decide to have them outside.
the sleeping all day is fine she will be like this through most of her pregnancy. with the kitten food i would slowly do this when she has about 2-3 weeks left to go in her pregnancy , otherwise she may put a lot of weight on which will make birthing harder for her.
good luck and i hope everything goes well
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Welcome to TCS

Good on you for taking the pregnant stray in. Look forward to seeing a pic of her, knowing her name and getting an update on how she settles.

Mooficat and xxtashaxx have given you great advice - keeping her separate to start off with is a good idea.
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Hi, mooficat! Thanks for the welcome

The cats name is Princess Isabel, Princess or Izzy for short - whatever comes out of my mouth The vet didn't say to get her special food that I know of (I'm deaf-blind so I only know what my BF tells me), but I had read that and told my boyfriend. He's had cats and some pregnant, when he was young which is why I asked my question here cuz he doesn't remember how they acted, and they never fed them anything different. So he won't do that.

The cats are getting along better now! What a difference one day can make. All the other cats we had/have were strays, but they were all less than 4 months old when we took them in. So they were nice and it took about a week for the other cats to get used to the new kitten. But now we have Princess who's around a year old and she's growling back, plus she has claws and they don't. So it's a little different.

37 years old
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hi XxtashaxX and minxie! Thanks for the welcome I would take in all strays if I could, I have a soft heart Princess is the first cat we've seen around here in almost 2 years other than an old mean cat that we think is the mama of Princess and 3 others we adopted over the years. We might keep one of the kittens, but will find homes for the others.

P.S. Where do I find the "signature" area? I looked but I can't find how to automaticall add it to my posts.

37 years old
mama to 3 cats : Isaac (~4), Shadow (~2), and Princess Isabel(~1 and preggers)
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hello Toni, its great to hear some more about you and your kits

I dont know if you've see this thread before but it explains about what membership options you have and when you get them

You can design your own signature or ask for one of our fantastic designers to do one for you - have a look here for rules on signature sizes and some excellent advise and tips.

This thread
is where you can post a request for someone to design you one - you need some photos that are linked to a photo hosting web site, something like Photobucket.com

Well I hope that all makes sense but pls feel free to PM me if you need anything

Have a great day and keep us posted about Princess Isabel !!
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Hi, and welcome to TCS! I just wanted to let you know that I've added Princess Isabel to our kitten watch thread... http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...=122520&page=9
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