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Kalli Update-pics too

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Kalli is 6 weeks today. She is getting really large, I swear she gets bigger each day. Thought its hard to tell in pics, because her black hair is right where her belly bump is. So it slims her down. (her belly acutally sticks out about 2-3 inches) But shes doing really good, shes very affectionate. I petted her for along time today, sheloved it. She eats alot. She eats 3 bowls of food a day, is that okay? Should she be eating that much? Its chicken soup for the cat lovers soul, or soemthing like that.
Here are some pics of her taken today: (sorry a little picture crazy here.)

On the gravel. You can kinda see her belly, but not too much.


can't really tell there either but shes looking at the camera for once...

laying down. not looking at the camera, turned her head, as soon as i pushed the button down.

More pics, but not done uploading yet.
Photobucket seems, to be takign forever with these batch of pics. So they might not be on till morning, because I think i'm going to sleep.

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Arrrrr she is lovely. She is very much like my boo.

Is the food she is on a kitten food? I would let her eat as much as she likes. She will need the extra calories for looking after her babies now and when she is nursing.
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aww don't apologise about photos, you know how we are about photos here

Kalli is a sweetie and she is looking real well, they do need extra, good quality food, so I am sure shes just taken more for her little ones

Give that cutie some gentle tummy rubs from us and of course, keep us posted on how she's doing
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aww shes lovely , i cant remember how long she has to go , but you normally start them on the kitten food in the last 2-3 weeks of pregnancy. if you start before this she may put on to much weight which will make it harder on her.
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She's a very pretty girl!
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She is eating adult cat food, but when thats gone, she will be on the kitten food. Thanks everyone. Theres two new pics on the bottom.
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Kalli you are a sweetheart! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy. Has she started nesting yet? re your q about food - let her eat as much as she likes I put down dry kitten food all day for Olivia so she could nibble on it in addition to her canned food.
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She's definitely looking big now! Yep let her eat what she wants, and i would put kitten food down as it is higher energy and she does need extra now. Maisie ate tons when pregnant and she is already looking a tad skinny a couple of days after birth. they do need a lot of energy!!
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Yeah I think she has about one or two more days worth of food left. Then she'll eat the kittten food. I'll let here have as much as she wants. I've tried to get her to eat canned food, but she doesnt like it. Althought I"ve tried different flavors, and brands.
She *loves* dogs, they all sleep together. My dog Luke is a house dog, but he likes her and wants to sleep with her, so last night he wouldnt come inside to sleep. So they slept on the deck furniture together. It was really cute. Then Blacky was out there too.
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So when can I start feeling babies?
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instead of changing her cold turkey , start mixing her kitten food in with the normal food now , so when you do the change it wont upset her tummy.
also the movement of babys is different for every cat, but normaly about 61/2 - 7 weeks , depending on how many she is carrying.
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Okay, I'll start with that now. Thats what we did when we switched her to this brand of food earlier in the pregnancy.
Okay thank you, so it shouldn't be too long now then. But as for small and large litters, if she had a larger litter would I be able to feel them sooner of later?. Same with a small litter.
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lol not sure anne had 2 kittens and fluffy had 4 kittens , and i felt them about the same time 7 weeks.
but from what i have been told with very big litters some have been able to feel movement around 5 weeks. fluffy has a lot of fur very thick so that could have been why i never felt movement sooner , and when she was due it wasnt easy to feel or see movement , with anne you could see the kittens all the time moveing.
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Okay, thanks. What does it feel like when you feel movement of the babies? And how do you know thats thats what it is? I mean like not stomach gas or s oemthing...
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you will know , at first it feels like little bubbles a bit like gas i spose. then after you wont be able to mistake the movements once they start getting strong. sometimes you can even make out a leg kicking like you would with a human. its really cool to see it i must admit, but i still would discrouge any one who wants there cat to have a litter if not already pregnant then please get them spayed. sorry just had to put that in for anyone else reading this
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Well Kalli is doing good lately. Too big to do much of anythig though. My aunt came over today, and shes breed Siamese cats for many years (she doesnt anymore) and she has rescued many kittens. Two yesterday acutally. She was checking out Kalli, and she felt her babies move. Shes just talking to her saying"i can feel your babies moving" and so then I'm like really and shes like yeah. So I told m y mom that later, so she went over to feel, and she felt them too. And I'm like No way! So I go over to feel them, and i can't feel anything at all. So I'm like well I don't feel anything. So she comes back over and says they arent moving anymore. So i havent felt them yet, but i'm trying too. I swear they stop moving as soon as I come. Jeez. But the point of all this is that he babies are moving. Yay!
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Today she is 7 weeks, It has went really fast! wow...
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