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Help needed...

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I just went to feed my kittys and I noticed that Sassy doesn't want to move from her spot and I see that she seems bloated.
I picked her up and it sounded like she cried out in pain.
It is 9 p.m. and I have to wait till morning to take her to the vet. There are no emergency vets here.
She does seem to be alert but doesn't want to more. She did refuse to eat.
Any ideas?
I'd appreciate it.
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Yesterday I noticed that there were some feathers in the backyard. If she ate a bird, might this have caused her to be ill?
She did eat this morning and seemed fine.
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I'd really appreciate some help. As you might notice, it was 6 years ago exactly that I was going through the same thing with my Tabby.
It's just too hard to imagine the outcome of what happened then. PLEASE SEND ME GOOD VIBES!!
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Get well vibes from my kitties to Sassy coming your way!
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Has she been peeing and pooping? Eating and drinking? Maybe she got something caught in her throat or is obstructed. I'm so sorry that she's doing poorly. Good vibes coming your way from me and my crew.

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Since she is outside, I don't know if she has pooped or peed or if she has thrown up.
Is it a good sign that she does seem alert? I was watching her with a flashlight and did respond to the light, closing her eyes.
I touch her and she is cool rather than having a fever.
Her paws are the ones that are a bit warm. Breathing is normal.
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Can you bring her inside or is she hiding? Cat's being cool to the touch is not necessarily a good thing. I believe that their temps can lower when they go into shock.
You may want to bring her in if you can and keep her warm. Offer her food and water. Since she's outside, you can't monitor if she's vomiting, peeing, or pooping. The vet will want to know these things.
I hope she's ok!!!

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If she is in shock, what illness could it be?
Maybe she has some injury? She and her brother and sister enjoy "fighting with each other" and sometimes it looks like "tough fighting".
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I think she would lose the alertness if she was in shock.

I would definitely keep her inside for now.

Bloated...given the possible bird meal, it could mean gas. I'm not sure what else, I'm sorry. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you and Sassy.
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I really wish that she isn't sick, that bad.
I'll take her into the Vet tomorrow.
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How's your kitty doing today?

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She seems better today but I am still worried about her.
She did eat very well and rubbed against me as she always does. She likes to play with things so she was playing around with my remote control. I still notice that she is a bit depressed though.
I called the vet and there are no openings until tomorrow.
Thanks for asking.
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Poor baby. Here are some get well (((((((((((((vibes))))))))))) for your baby.

Can't they squeeze you in? If it were me I'd go in and sit in the waiting room...they may have a cancellation or just have moment to take a look at her.

Please keep us posted.
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More than likely she ate something she shouldn't have. If she is eating, & eliminating she is on her way to recovery. However, a visit to the vet will reassure you. Cats are like humans, sometimes we just feel lousy for a day or two and then slowly we get back to our old selves. Good vibes for her.
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Yes -- a vet ought to realize that tomorrow could be too late. Surely if you go over there, he'll check her out...
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for your vibes!
A while ago, Mixy, her sister, wanted to play with her but she'd scream when Mixy rubbed against her. She isn't limping.
I will definately take her in tomorrow morning. Right now, she is sleeping as usual.
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