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cats in a strange home not eating

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i'm not sure if this is health/nutrition or behavior, so feel free to move if need be.

dh & i are going on vacation tomorrow.

yesterday, i brought my two girls to my parents house (1 1/2 hour drive). they've been there before, but it's been a long time. they also know my parents from visits mom & dad have made to our house. they don't like the car, but they really weren't bad at all.

and before anyone asks - no, there is no one locally i could have left them with.

i called this morning to check up on them. they were hiding. they had been hiding since yesterday. they hadn't eaten (or if they had, it wasn't much). they did use the litterbox. :thumbs up: and they did eat a few treats that dad had left on the floor for them.

mom and dad were giving them run of the house. i told mom today to confine them to one room with litterbox, food and water, and their little cuddlers to sleep. and a scratch tree. close the door. let them calm down. visit them again in a few hours. sit on the floor and talk to them. you know...the basics.

i'm just concerned with them not eating. any suggestions that i can give mom/dad? i told them that if they hadn't eaten anything by friday afternoon/night to call a vet. they NEED to eat.
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The only things I'd add is for your parents to play some soft music in the room with the kitties, and maybe spray some feliway if they have it.
Do they have a favorite food like canned food, or tuna juice? Maybe they could try that.
I think they are reacting pretty normally (for cats) to the situation. They had the trauma of the car ride, a new house, and worst of all, YOU aren't there! I think most cats would be a little upset by it and they've only been there for a day. They do definitely need to eat though, and they probably will once they can relax a little.

I think once they are confined with some privacy they will quickly improve. At least they have each other to hang out with.

Oh, I think there is some herbal stuff you can put on their ears to calm them too which is probably available at a pet store. I think it's called rescue remedy?

I'm sure your babies will be fine!! Have a great vacation.

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Devlyn has some good ideas.

Maybe see if your parents could pick up some KFC for the kitties...offer them the meat only, no skin or bones. It's irresistable to most cats. Even if they won't calm down yet, at least that might get them to have a snack.
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